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6 Health Benefits of Madhava Agave Nectar

Fitday Editor
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Madhava agave nectar is a brand of natural agave sweetener that today's supermarket customers can now choose as an alternative to conventional cane-based sugar or synthetic chemically produced sweeteners. The rise of natural, plant-based sweeteners on today's market gives consumers options in making healthy choices about how to provide a sweet taste in foods and drinks. Here are some of the reported health benefits of agave nectar.

  • Low on the Glycemic Index - When it comes to comparing agave nectar and sugar, agave syrups are much lower on the glycemic index, which measures how the sugars in a food or drink interacts with blood sugars. Those at risk for diabetes may want to swap out sugar for agave nectar.
  • Calcium - With a low glycemic rating, high inulin, and calcium, agave nectar accommodates calcium absorption for bone density and overall health. Getting calcium into your diet prevents osteoporosis and related conditions late in life.
  • Calorie Counts - Cup for cup, agave nectar has a much lower calorie count than conventional sugar. According to industry resources, that estimates savings of up to 300 or more calories per cup when switching from cane sugar to agave nectar.
  • Organic Label - It's easy to put an organic label on agave nectar, because the agave plant is a natural desert vegetation. Many agave nectar brands sold in the supermarket carry the USDA Organic label as part of a guarantee that customers are getting a less processed sweetener, and something that conforms to our ideas of what natural food should be.
  • Raw Options - Although all of the above health benefits have been attributed to processed agave nectar, which is seated at over 100 degrees farenheit for many hours, some choosy shoppers still look for completely raw and unprocessed agave nectar. Experts claim that processing the agave nectar breaks down its "fructosans," adding the intense sweetness of the product. Where natural products are available, shoppers may be able to choose from processed or raw agave nectar.
  • Other Health Benefits - Fans of agave nectar also claim that this product can boost the immune system and help increase energy levels. It has also been reported to be helpful to some people in promoting weight loss, as part of a comprehensive diet that cuts down on processed foods and those where the nutritional value has been largely leached out or depleted.

Consumers can learn more about agave nectar right in their local supermarket. Multiple vendors are starting to ship this product all over the world as a sweet alternative to the white crystallized cane sugar that nearly everyone is used to and that dominated the sweetener market in the 20th century. Tomorrow's sweet tooths will experience a new world where many different substances compete for use in concocting all of the sugary delicacies that we enjoy. Agave nectar is likely to be part of this new tradition in sweeteners. Look for it in cafés, coffee shops, supermarkets and other places where making informed choices about food and drinks has become a main priority.

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