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5 Best Food Choices at a Concession Stand

Fitday Editor

The food found at a concession stand is rarely associated with healthy eating. However, when you can't avoid a concession stand and you have to get some food, you should know what your best choices are. In this manner, you can stick to your diet or avoid gaining extra pounds. You can choose some foods that are lower in fat and calories.

1. Low-Fat Hamburger

A concession stand may offer you burgers, pizza, hot dogs or sausages. A good choice would be a burger, as you can choose the side ingredients. When you choose a pizza, this will be packed with various ingredients, such as cheese or pepperoni (or other processed meats), which have a high-fat content.

Opt for grilled meat in a hamburger. Grilled meat is a healthier choice and has a lower fat content than fried meat. Choose a wheat bun. Rye is another healthy option instead of wheat, but stay away from white buns.

Mayonnaise is rich in fat and calories, so you should look for a different ingredient as a substitute for mayonnaise. Replace the mayonnaise with mustard. If you crave mayonnaise, you should ask for low-fat mayonnaise.

Get pickles and vegetables instead of French fries on the side. If you choose to order fries, make sure you get the smallest size pack. Say no to cheese, which is packed with calories and fat.

2. Hot Dog or Sausage

If you have no other choice, you can get a hot dog or a polish sausage, but make sure you ask for wheat or rye buns. Put some pickles, tomatoes and mustard on your hot dog; these ingredients are low in calories. Try to avoid any sauces, which are filled with unsaturated fats and unhealthy calories.

3. Popcorn

Popcorn can be a great choice when you need to get something from a concession stand. When consumed without any topping, popcorn is low in calories; so, avoid butter or caramel.

4. Dessert

If you are tempted to get some sort of dessert, stay away from the largest chocolate bar, cotton candy or ice cream. You can get a popsicle, which has fewer calories than a medium-sized chocolate bar or ice cream (100 calories per 3.5 ounces). A 3.5 oz (100 g) scoop of ice cream have fewer calories than a 3.5 oz chocolate bar (200 vs. 500), provided the ice cream doesn't have a chocolate topping.

5. Your Choice of Drinks

When purchasing the soda, make sure to ask for the diet version, as a regular soda will contain a lot of sugar. However, the best alternative is to opt for water, which contains zero calories and no chemicals, such as aspartame. Aspartame (or E951) is used in diet drinks and its safety is still a subject for debate.

Instead of a soda, you can opt for coffee, but eliminate the sugar and the cream; take skimmed milk in your coffee or take it black. Tea can also be a healthy, low-calorie choice, but avoid adding sugar.

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