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4 Ways to Keep Your Sandwich Low in Calories

Fitday Editor
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When you are watching your calories, it is important to carefully choose the kind of sandwich that you eat for lunch. Instead of buying a sandwich that is already made, prepare it yourself so you know exactly how many calories you will eat. Try a variety of different sandwich toppings that are low in calories, until you find a combination that not only tastes good, but is healthy as well.

1. Add Vegetable Toppings

There are many different vegetables you can put on your cold cut sandwich that are low in calories. Try adding a slice of tomato or a portion of bean sprouts, instead of using cheese to give your sandwich flavor. You may also want to consider using onions or peppers. If you enjoy cucumbers, you can have a cucumber sandwich instead of one that contains lunch meat. You may also want to try eating a tomato sandwich with pepper. Vary the kind of vegetables you use on your sandwich each day, and remember to use the proper portion to stay under your calorie count.

2. Eat Low Calorie Bread

The next time you are shopping at the grocery store, spend a little time reviewing the calorie content of the bread you normally use for your sandwiches. Compare the bread with some other brands the store offers, and see if you can find a lower calorie bread to use. For example, if you normally eat whole wheat bread, see if there is a different brand that has a lower amount of calories. Remember to look at the other ingredients on the bread label, and try to buy the most nutritious kind of bread that is still within your calorie range.

3. Use Low Fat Meats

The next time you make a sandwich, try to avoid using meats like salami, and instead add more slices of meat such as low fat turkey. If you are counting calories, do not just grab a few slices of meat to put on your sandwich; look at the back of the container or package and find out exactly how many calories are in each slice of meat. Check the sodium as well, and switch to a different brand or type of meat if you do not like the total level of sodium the meat contains.

4. Try Some Spices

Instead of piling on lunch meat that is high in calories, try using some spices on your sandwich. For example, apply some pepper to give your sandwich more taste. You can also use some low fat mustard to give your sandwich more flavor. While reducing the amount of meat you put on your sandwich will help you to cut calories, you still must use enough meat to give you the energy that you need until your next meal. Experiment with different types of spices, and if you find that your energy level is lower than usual, consider adding a little more meat to your sandwich.

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