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4 Ways to Increase Your Weight Lifting Weight

Fitday Editor
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It is common to want to increase your weight lifting weight. Stepping up to the next level depends on several factors, primarily your routine and your capability. Below are some suggestions on how to enhance your workout. Keep in mind that if you intend to increase your weight lifting weight you will be susceptible to gaining bulk and strength as opposed to sculpted toning and increased flexibility.

1. Stop Over-training

You may think you are doing your body good by lifting five to six days per week, but when specific muscle groups are being over worked, you will have a difficult time increasing your lifting weight. If you have "hit the wall" and cannot go any further, this would be the time to check your routine. By cutting back on exercises that may be working certain muscles too hard, you may be able to increase your weight, and best of all, your strength. Try these tips each time you cannot advance to more weight.

  • Choose a muscle group that you workout two or more times per week.
  • Cut back to one time, for two weeks.
  • Increase your weight.

2. Switch It Up

Doing the same exercise, on the same day, at the same time will bore your muscles just as much as it is probably boring you. Jolt your body's expectations by completely changing your lifting schedule. If you do chest work on a specific day choose another day to do that exercise. You may want to switch it up every week. After doing this for about four weeks, slowly increase your weight. You should see an improvement. in addition, watch your form. Compromised form can also impede increasing your weightlifting weight.

3. Add Some Extra Fuel

There is a reason why so many weightlifters consume formulated shakes, bars and supplements. Whether it is protein, amino acids or a multivitamin, these products can enhance power and strength. The only way to find out what is best for you is by trial and error. Start with a good protein shake and take note of any improved capability when increasing your weightlifting weight. If it works, then continue using it. If it does not work then try another formula. Speak to your doctor before attempting any muscle building program. Certain formulas can affect people in different ways.

4. Balance Your Routine

If your routine favors specific muscle groups over others, increasing weightlifting weight will always be a challenge. For example, when the biceps are at their peak and the triceps are trying to catch up, not only will your balance be compromised but you will also risk potential injury. Understanding your muscles and how they work will do wonders for your workout. Look up images and descriptions of the musculoskeletal anatomy and take note of the intricate levels of muscle tissue. Becoming familiar with muscle actions will create a picture in your head during your workout that will remind you of a properly balanced routine. When the muscles are within the same power capability, then you should be able to increase your weightlifting weight accordingly.

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