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Three Tips to Prevent Sickness before It Hits

Fitday Editor
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In order to prevent sickness, all you really need to arm yourself is basic education. Different forms of exercise and some specific vitamins can really go a long way in helping you prevent sickness. Being sick is not just about feeling bad or even suffering a bad illness. It is also about all the loss of time, money, productivity and energy that being sick will lead to. Since you have better things to do with your time rather than worrying about convalescing, here are some easy tips you can follow to prevent sickness before it hits you.

1. Wash Your Hands

The best advice is often the simplest, so follow what your mother likely told you a lot while growing up: Wash your hands. Another beneficial aspect to washing your hands is that you don't need much to do it properly. All you really need is soap and water or a hand sanitizer which is alcohol-based. Every day, you touch other people, surfaces and objects; with each touch, you're contracting germs on your hands. Just as often, you invariably touch your eyes, mouth and nose with these same hands, which can cause you infection. Although you can't eliminate germ transfers, you can limit them by frequent hand washing. You should wash your hands before eating, preparing food, dealing with sick people or putting in your contact lenses, just to name a few examples.

2. Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins play an integral role in preventing sickness. One of the most important vitamins you should get your necessary dosage of is vitamin E. Vitamin E has been proven adept at regulating your whole cardiovascular system along with limiting the bad kind of cholesterol. Shortages of vitamin E have been linked to the onset of diseases like diabetes, both the type 1 and type 2 versions. This vitamin also figures significantly in people who suffer arthritis. Studies have shown that the people who regularly consume vitamin E have endured a much slower rate of joint degredation than those who omit this vitamin from their diets.

3. Remember to Exercise

It is a fact that exercise helps to prevent oncoming illness, or at least the likelihood of you becoming as sick as if you were not exercising. One study revealed that exercise is linked with a nearly three-tenths reduction in upper respiratory tract infections. Exercise also helps to prevent the onset of emotional and psychological sickness, as in conditions like depression and anxiety. During intense exercise, endorphins are thought to be released into the body, which is why some people doing such workouts get what is called a "runner's high" and are able to continue exercising past their limit.

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