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3 Signs You're Eating Too Much Fiber

Fitday Editor
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Most of us don't get nearly enough fiber. So, if you're one of the few who can legitimately question whether you're consuming too much, kudos! Fiber is found in many different foods--particularly the ones you should be eating--including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. With the social norm being a diet that is rich in fried foods, there are people who go days without a single gram of fiber in their diet.

If you are getting too much fiber, you've clearly got an eye on your health, but give your digestive system a break if you're dealing with any unpleasant symptoms. Your body is always trying to tell you what you need--so give a listen! Here are three signs that you're getting too much fiber.

1. Bloating

Getting a sufficient amount of fiber should keep things moving so to speak, and if anything, should make you feel trim. If you're feeling the bloat, it's time to rethink your diet.

2 Gas

This embarrassing side effect can be caused by several things. Maybe you shouldn't have had those nachos. Maybe you drank that carbonated beverage too quickly. These things happen. But if you're worrying more about having gas than stopping for gas, pull off the fiber highway.

3. Overactive Bowels

Any significant change in the amount of time that you're spending in the bathroom is a sign from your body that something might be wrong. It might be time to reevaluate your fiber levels.

Of course, there is a disclaimer. Any one of these symptoms may also apply to a slew of minor syndromes and disorders. But if you're getting more than 30 grams of fiber, and are suffering from digestive discomfort, try cutting back a little bit. Go ahead and replace that bowl of bran flakes with some eggs every now and again.

If you're having any (or all) of these symptoms, but the last green thing you ate was a sour apple lollipop, fiber might not be the enemy. Several other factors can affective your digestive system--allergies (particularly gluten or dairy), irritable bowel syndrome, or even PMS can plague you with a host of challenges.

Remember, when it comes to food, moderation is key. Eating a well-balanced diet should enable you to wake up refreshed, and drift to sleep without popping a button on your pajama bottoms. Whether it turns out that you're getting too much fiber, too little fiber, or that your issues have nothing to do with fiber, remember to listen to your body. Much of the digestive pain we feel is self-inflicted. Treat your body the way you would treat a new car--don't disregard the funny noises--because they're easy to solve as they come up, but they'll cost you later on.

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