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Three Pre Workout Meals

Fitday Editor
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The purpose of eating the right kinds of pre workout meals is to give your body the ability to maintain both your energy as well as strength levels during your upcoming workout. So when you choose your pre workout meals, choose carefully, because your pre workout meals have a material impact on how you perform during your workout. When you work out, your body depends on glycogen and fat stores that your body already has in reserve. If you time it so that your pre workout meal is eaten at just the right time before your workout, you will get optimum performance since your glycogen stores are really full. Eating carbohydrates before your workout is the best choice that you can pick since you digest them speedily, and they are also ready for fuel in a short time.

1. Turkey Sandwich

The Turkey sandwich has long been a total favorite of people going into a workout because of two, primary reasons. First of all, the turkey meat actually contains a lot of protein--like meat does in general--which works as a fuel for your body, fuel that is essential for your upcoming workout. Since you are eating your turkey as part of a sandwich instead of by itself, you also pick up the benefits of the carbohydrate-heavy bread that you use. Depending on the type of bread that you pick for your turkey sandwich, you can even increase your carbohydrates even more. So that your sandwich has some appetizing taste, be sure to also add mayonnaise, slices of tomato and shredded lettuce inside of your turkey sandwich. For your beverage, have some milk or just plain water.

2. Melon Salad

Melon salad is another pre workout meal that can give you that necessary fuel and strength needed in order to have an effective workout where you are performing at an optimum level. Just cut a melon into chunks and measure out 1 cup. To that, add half of a cup of strawberries along with half of a cup of grapes. For crunch and texture, throw in 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds, and to finish, mix 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese into a bowl that already holds the preceding ingredients. For your beverage, don't neutralize the health benefits of your melon salad by drinking anything unhealthy, so just take one glass of water with your melon salad.

3. Cajun Snapper

Cajun snapper is an effective pre workout meal because of all the carbohydrates you will eat in the rice component of this dish. Along with your rice, you also get to eat the snapper which carries with it the properties of high protein content, another form of fuel that you need for your upcoming workout. This dish also comes with broccoli as a side dish and the flavors of olive oil along with lemon marinade to give it some taste. Again, just take a glass of water with this dish to keep it healthy.

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