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Three Healthy Drinks that Will Help You Boost Energy Levels

Fitday Editor
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People of all kinds are looking for ways to boost energy, because of how life in general has a tendency to burn them out faster than ever before. One way that people are looking to get energy boosts is by drinking more healthy drinks. While other ways of boosting your energy are recommended also (such as simply getting more sleep every night, or perhaps doing more exercise), sometimes you just don't have enough hours in the day to get in all those activities. So a market therefore exists for such drinks that can boost energy levels. Here's a closer look at three healthy drinks that will help you boost energy levels.

1. Green Drinks

Green drinks are not some kind of brand name of new, ultra-trendy, energy-boosting beverage, but rather a mixture of nutritious and alkalising ingredients. These ingredients are things like green vegetables, green grasses, herbs, low-sugar fruits and even sprouts. To keep all the enzymes of these potent ingredients viable, they are kept dried at low temperatures and then sold in either powdered or capsule form. The benefit of drinking these green drinks is that your body will be able to absorb amino acids, minerals and vitamins from those wholesome ingredients. Additional benefits include the ability of green drinks to lessen the acidic waste in your body. This can manifest itself in the presence of fungi, mold and yeast in your body.

2. Honey and Bee Pollen Drink

From the arena of Chinese holistic medicine comes this drink concoction that you can even make quickly and easily in your own home. The good news with this is that the ingredients are all readily available. You will require only warm water, bee pollen powder and some honey. Mix these in a tall glass; if you like, you can even add some ginseng for an additional boost of energy. The ingredient honey is a natural energy booster all on its own, not to mention that it aids digestion. The bee pollen with its amino acids and essential fatty acids stimulates sexual hormone production.

3. Egg Yolk and Carrot Juice

Healthy drinks to boost energy don't come any easier than this concoction. All you need is carrot juice and an egg yolk. You then beat the egg yolk and stir it into the carrot juice with a fork and drink it down. The benefit of this healthy drink is that you receive both the nourishing as well as the cleansing properties of carrot juice, which equals the improvement of the quality of your blood. As a result, any fatigue you suffer from will be diminished, which results in an energy boost. The yolk of an egg is known to stimulate your adrenal glands, especially if they are exhausted and sluggish.

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