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3 Healthy Living Tips for Middle Aged Men

Fitday Editor
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Once you hit middle age as a man, it may not be so easy to make room for healthy living. You may be getting tired more easily and, much to your surprise, discovering that you can't do some of the same activities that you were able to in your 20s or even your 30s, without incurring any pain in parts of your body. If that is your situation, then consider these three tips for middle aged men. You just may be able to turn around those middle-aged doldrums into something coming close to healthy living once more.

1. Natural Dietary Supplements

Once you get to a certain age, taking in some natural dietary supplements is nothing to be ashamed of. Further, as a middle aged man, you have a higher risk of contracting certain illnesses and diseases that your younger counterparts simply do not have to worry about (yet). For instance, something that middle aged men are at a greater risk of getting is cardiovascular disease, so to stave this potentially lethal condition off as long as possible, take some vitamin C along with vitamin E supplements, and even some omega-3 fish oil. Natural calcium supplements are another thing that you ought to be getting if you're in your middle age and a man. Since osteoporosis is a greater risk for you at this age, then you need calcium supplements to try and stave this off, too.

2. Eating Healthy

A healthy eating regimen goes hand-in-hand with getting your natural dietary supplements, should you want to keep your health even though you're "over-the-hill" when you cross that all-significant milestone of 40. When you hit middle age, you will notice that you are more sensitive to salt, so a wise decision would be to reduce the amount of salt or sodium that you ingest. Salt has a tendency to retain water, and this may even be a component in developing high blood pressure, another toxic condition that you do not need as you cross the 40 mark. The biggest no-brainer is to lessen the fat that you consume, because eating too much fat will lead to heart disease. You can do simple acts like substituting margarine for butter or trimming the fat from meat before cooking it.

3. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is the third leg in this triad of healthy living tips for middle aged men. Some benefits of regular exercise are a lower risk for heart disease, a slowing of the hardening of your arteries, a reduction of weight and even a slowing down of the visible signs of aging. Just remember to always stretch before and after your exercise sessions, so to cut down on injuries.

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