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Are There Any Health Benefits to Bath Bombs?

You’ve seen the enticing images on Instagram and Pinterest. But are bath bombs really healthy? Are they safe for your skin and a better way to bathe than traditional bubble bath? Here’s what you need to know about bath bombs before you start making your tub all colorful.

Bath bombs are overall safe — as long as you buy ones that are made from non-toxic ingredients. You can also find DIY recipes to ensure that your bath bombs are free of any harmful ingredients. Toxic ingredients include those that are labeled “fragrance,” “fragrance oils,” “fragrance oil blend.” These ingredients may sound harmless but are actually endocrine disruptors. Some of the ingredients that create the famous fizzy effect are also dangerous and could cause future health issues and damage. Food dyes and the colors used to make the beautiful swirls may cause damage to your body if you cut yourself shaving or have other nicks and scrapes that allow the dyes to enter your bloodstream.

Boric acid is often a key ingredient in DIY and natural bath bombs, but it has been banned as a cosmetic ingredient in Japan and Canada as it could be a hormone disruptor.

Bath bombs may also contain other skin irritants if you have sensitive skin.

Overall, bath bombs work much the same way as Alkaseltzer, but with more lively colors. They often contain oils that feel good and are good for your skin. So there’s nothing wrong with bath bombs as long as you know the ingredients in them and that they are all harmless for human use.

Another thing to note about bath bombs is that they do expire quickly. If they are exposed to air and oxidize, they won’t fizz. So keep them wrapped and in airtight containers or just use them right away rather than saving them for something special.

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