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6 Ways to Get Your Mac and Cheese Fix Without Ruining Your Diet

Mac and cheese is a favorite but can also be very detrimental to your diet! Try these ideas and tips to reduce calories or improve the health benefits of your best-loved comfort food.

Mac and cheese is a classic favorite for both children and adults. However, whether from a homemade recipe or from a box, this can be a high-calorie meal. If you are looking to reduce the number of calories you are consuming, here are some tips to on healthier ways to get your mac and cheese fix without ruining your diet!

1. Try only making half of the box! For many people, an entire box of mac and cheese is a serving but try to reduce your serving size by limiting what you make. Add some salad and a big glass of water to help fill you up. If you are making a large amount from a recipe, try portioning it into smaller plastic containers after you make it to save for later lunches.

2. Review your favorite recipe and its ingredient list. Many things can be modified to help you keep your health goals and even boost certain health beneficial parts like fiber! Reducing some high-calorie items like butter with an added splash of light soymilk or low-fat milk can go unnoticed in some recipes but you get the health benefits!

3. Use whole grain or whole wheat noodles instead of quickly digested white flour noodles. The fiber in these noodles will help you feel fuller and support healthy digestion. There are also fun lentil noodles or black bean noodles on the market which have a neutral taste but the fullness benefits of protein and fiber!

4. Use reduced-fat cheese or lower fat milk. Just reducing a small amount of calories from full-fat dairy products can add up. Check out some cheese alternatives, frequently cheese alternatives like almond milk cheese can be lower in calories.

5. Experiment with really fun mac and cheese alternative recipes like using cauliflower or spaghetti squash for noodles! These vegetables are low calorie, full of nutrients, and have added fiber. There are many great recipes out there, so enjoy experimenting to find a new favorite healthier option!

6. Try Nutritional Yeast! Especially for people who don’t like or digest dairy products very well, you can use try “cheesy” nutritional yeast sauce recipes. In addition to a good flavor, nutritional yeast has fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, while remaining lower in calories than many other cheese sauces.

7. Trick your eyes by using a smaller bowl or plate, and a reduced portion of food. This can be a real calorie trimmer! Slow down and consciously enjoy every bite and this will also help to communicate with your brain about satiety.

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