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6 Strange Beauty Trends That Celebs Buy Into

We may look to the celebrities for inspiration and advice on what beauty products to use, but they are not always right. In fact, sometimes they buy into very strange trends, ones that your beauty routine could probably do without.

Take Hailey Baldwin’s blood moisturizer as an example. According to Slice, she uses a special concoction created by Dr. Sturm that involves her own blood being extracted from her arm. The plasma and white blood cells are then reportedly separated and added to a cream that she uses as a moisturizer.

Another weird beauty trend is favored by Kim Kardashian, who according to Fashion Magazine, indulges in vampire facials. This is a microneedle treatment that reportedly initially gave her a bloody face, although the results are said to be beautiful skin.

Cindy Crawford has a milk spray beauty secret, which is strange but not quite as weird as some of the celebrities trends. Still, what she does is apparently spray a combination of whole milk and mineral water on her face, according to Huda Beauty. As for what this does? The publication reports that she uses this to remove the layers of dead skin, and considering how youthful she looks, maybe it works.

Bee venom facials are apparently a thing, and according to The Mirror, they have Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton’s stamp of approval because of its anti-aging properties. The benefits of this technology reportedly include cell regeneration and the renewal of damaged skin cells.

You may notice a bit of a trend here because this is the third strange treatment to involve blood; leech therapy. Demi Moore reportedly uses leeches to detoxify the blood, adding to her youthful appearance.

The thought of putting blood on your face is not very appealing, but wearing a 24K gold face mask won’t turn your stomach. According to Slice, supermodel Irina Shayk uses the Mimi Luzon's 24k Pure Gold Leaf Face Mask, which reportedly helps improve the skin’s elasticity and renews cells.

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