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6 Hangover Remedies That Actually Work

Wondering which hangover remedies will work best to help give you relief? Check out these natural cures next time you wake up after a night of drinking and aren’t feeling your best.

Tired of suffering from the nasty hangover the night after you indulge in a few drinks? Fortunately, you don’t have to. Try any one of these natural hangover strategies and you can enjoy yourself without the corresponding miserable feeling you may know too well.

Add Water

You’ve heard the tip before. Alternate one drink of alcohol with one drink of water. This really is one of the best pieces of advice if you want to avoid the corresponding hangover the next morning.

One of the biggest factors causing your hangover is the fact that you’re severely dehydrated the next day due to the alcohol you took in. By drinking more water the night before, you help avoid this dehydration, thus side-step the hangover.

Eat When You Return Home

Ready to pass out on the couch upon arriving home? Not so fast. Try having a light snack, preferably one with some slower burning carbs and protein. This will help to stabilize blood glucose levels, and is especially important if you’ve been drinking beverages with a high sugar content.

The last thing you want to do is wake up in the morning with seriously low blood sugar.

Snack On A Banana Upon Waking

When you do wake up the morning after drinking, try noshing on a banana as part of your breakfast. Bananas are a relatively easily digested food, which is definitely what you want right now and are also rich in potassium, which will help get your electrolyte balance normalized.

Both of these are critical to keeping you feeling well. If the thought of food is enough to make your stomach turn, try mixing up a banana smoothie by combining a frozen banana with some almond milk and Greek yogurt.

Eat Some Ginger

Ginger pieces are another excellent anti-hangover remedy you might consider. If you’re feeling especially nauseous, most people will find that eating a little ginger can help.

Use the ginger that you’d normally get after eating a sushi meal and you’ll be feeling better soon.

Take Some Vitamin B’s

If you aren’t using a multi-vitamin, you’ll at the very least want to pick up a vitamin B complex vitamin to have on mornings after you’ve been out drinking.

When you consume alcohol, it can deplete the natural levels of vitamin B that you have in your system, thus leading to you feeling unwell. This important vitamin is needed to help your liver and kidneys work efficiently, so without it, you’ll be feeling hung-over longer than you need to.

Get Some Exercise In

Yes, I know – the last thing you feel like doing right now is going for a workout. But if you can get some light exercise in – enough to make you sweat, this can help you excrete the alcohol from your system faster than if you just rested up on the couch.

Just do remember that if your balance is feeling off at all, choose exercises that don’t pose a threat to your safety.

Hot yoga is actually one of the best options to consider thanks to the fact you’ll sweat so heavily while doing it.

So next time your hangover is getting the best of you, try one of these tricks. They may just help take the edge off it.

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