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4 Goals That Need to Be on Your Fitness Bucket List

Goal setting is key if you want to continually strive to make progress with your workout routine. If you aren’t sure which goals to set however, don’t fret. We have some excellent options with our fitness bucket list. Look over these and choose one (or two!) to work toward.

As you continue about your workout program, it’s important that you are continually taking steps to see better and better results. When someone becomes complacent with their workouts and no longer feels compelled to strive to do more, that’s when progress comes to a halt and frustration begins to set in.

By setting new goals—new tasks to strive towards—you can prevent this. Having a fitness bucket list, so to speak, things that you want to achieve during your fitness journey can help.

Wondering what should be on yours? Let’s look at some of the top things to put on your fitness bucket list.

Run A Half Or Full Marathon

On the cardio end of things, perhaps the biggest feat that you could work towards is participating in a half or full marathon. Take into account the level of fitness you are currently in and how much time you have to devote to your training and decide which length would be right for you.

Training for one of these events is definitely a bit time commitment but it’s one of the most rewarding fitness accomplishments you could do.

Squat 1.5 Times Your Body Weight

Next, consider a strength focused goal. The squat is the standard for lower body movements and if you really want to achieve good strength, aim to squat at least 1.5 times your body weight.

Want more strength? If you are looking to really get strong or are a male, consider aiming to squat two times your body weight. As men are stronger naturally, 1.5 times your body weight may not be enough of a challenge.

Bench Press Your Body Weight

On the upper body side of things, bench pressing is a great goal to set for yourself. If you can aim to bench press your own body weight, you know you’re doing quite well. Both men and women should be able to achieve this with some work put in, so set your sights high and go for it.

Perform A Full Pull-Up

Finally, the last thing that should be on your fitness bucket list is to be able to perform a pull-up. Again, for many men, this may not be that much of a challenge (so instead, you may want to aim to perform a weighted pull-up), but for women, this is a great feat to accomplish.

Pull-ups are an excellent movement to work the entire upper body as well as your core to some degree, so a definite must-do in any workout routine.

So consider these goals to strive for and choose one that is most applicable to what you want to accomplish and achieve. Once your sights are set, start putting in that work. Little by little, you’ll make your way there.

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