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4 Delivery Options That Won't Wreck Your Healthy Eating Habits

What are the healthiest foods available for take-out? With more people ordering in, it’s smart to know your options. Here’s a great guide.

Life is busy! There’s no denying that and unfortunately, it can be very hard to stick with a healthy eating plan. You just don’t have time to be whipping up elaborate meals each and every night, which then means you usually go for takeout — or delivery. But, if pizza is far too often your food of choice, something needs to change.

Eating healthy and getting food delivered don’t have to be polar opposites. Let’s look at some of the best food options to bring in for delivery. With so many delivery services now available, there’s no shortage of choices.

Sub Sandwiches

Sub sandwiches, whether from Subway or another franchise are typically good options for those who are watching their body weight. While you may not want to go for that foot long or risk consuming 600-700 calories, a half sub is going to give you a good amount of calories that fits in with your diet and provides a nice blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats.

Just be sure to choose chicken, turkey, or ham over meatball or tuna subs. While tuna is usually healthy, in this case, it will be mixed with mayonnaise so is far less than desirable.


Sushi is the next great choice you’ll want to consider. You really can’t go wrong with most sushi options as long as you practice the role of moderation. There are definitely sushi choices that are less healthy, but steer clear of anything deep fried and you’ll do alright.

If you really want to keep your diet intact, go with sashimi, which is the fish without the rice. But do keep in mind some rice is okay. A mixture of both sashimi and sushi is likely your best bet and will keep you feeling satisfied for the hours ahead.

Also, do keep in mind that soy sauce is very high in sodium, so you’ll want to limit how much you use to keep your intake to reasonable levels.

Grilled Chicken Burgers

If you want to order from the fast food burger joint, don’t think you have to go completely unhealthy. You can opt for a grilled chicken burger, which is actually a pretty good choice. Grilled chicken burgers typically contain around 300 calories, offer at least 20 grams of protein, and are quite low in fat.

One word of caution: Avoid any special sauces. That’s usually where the fat and calories lurk, so you can definitely do without those.


Finally, don’t discount dine-in restaurants that are now offering delivery. More and more restaurants are starting to open their doors to delivery customers so you can get that great tasting meal and eat it right in the comfort of your own home.

Here, salads are a terrific option. Get one with grilled chicken, some nuts, fresh berries, and even a little cheese for a balanced salad you can feel good about eating.

Just do be sure to order the dressing on the side and use only a very little bit of it to keep your total fat and calories under control.

So as you can see, eating in doesn’t have to mean diet destruction. Just know your options and plan accordingly. You can eat great tasting food in a hurry without totally breaking your calorie bank.

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