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Why You Should Think Twice About Buying Second Hand Shoes

It may seem like borrowing your friend’s shoes is just a simple way to double your footwear options. Or that buying second-hand shoes is an excellent way to satisfy your champagne tastes on a beer budget. But the truth is that sharing shoes and buying secondhand shoes can actually be riskier than it seems.

Warm, damp environments are breeding grounds for a number of diseases and issues, including various forms of fungi, like the one that causes athlete’s foot and the virus that causes plantar warts. This can be an especial problem for people with compromised immune systems that are susceptible to getting sick and may have trouble fighting off the possible infections, like small kids and older people.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot include itchiness, cracking and scaling and appears on the bottom and edges of the foot, as well as between the toes.

Plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus virus and may not occur through direct contact alone, but through any cracks or cuts that you might not be aware of. Like fungi, the virus thrives in moist environments.

Because fungi and other diseases can linger, it’s inadvisable to share shoes that have been worn by others. So try to remember your own shower shoes at the gym, pool, beach, etc.

Another key point about sharing shoes is when you try them on. Those little booties don’t just mimic pantyhose, they also offer protection from anyone else that may have tried on and had some kind of infection.

It’s also worth it to note that when buying used athletic shoes, much of the support will likely have been lost. Support is needed to maintain support and absorb shock. Without the support, you are at higher risk of injury.

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