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Here's What You Need to Know About Nappercising

Haven't heard about nappercising yet? Now's the time to find out.

A new trend called nappercise is a type of “fitness” class that appears to be gaining in popularity, believe it or not. Have you wondered what the purpose of nappercise is, or what this unique class is all about? Read on to find out everything you need to know about nappercise as a new up-and-coming trend.

What Nappercising Is

Nappercise is an ”exercise” class that allows participants to stretch and take naps during class. You may do some stretches at the beginning and end of class, but the majority of the time is spent napping (for about 45 minutes) with a blanket and eye mask in a cool dark room (with relaxing music playing).

Who Nappercise is Designed For

Nappercise targets exhausted parents who don’t have time (or make time) to let their body rest, and people with overbooked, stressful work schedules. The classes provide an excuse to take 45-minute mid-morning or afternoon naps, rejuvenate your body, and reinvigorate your mind.

Why Sleep is Important

Sleep can be just as important as physical activity as a way to maintain a healthy body weight and prevent chronic disease. Harvard Medical School says that long-term insufficient sleep is associated with lower life expectancies, weaker immune systems, long-term mood disorders (like anxiety, depression, and distress), high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Why Pay for Nappercise Class?

You might be wondering why people pay for classes that are basically time periods allotted to take naps. The answer is simple: it's the same reason people take time out of their busy schedules to make it to the gym instead of working out at home. They may want to get out of the house, make sleep a priority, or socialized with other people (before and after class). And if you’re taking nappercise classes at a gym, you may be able to opt for childcare for uninterrupted 45 to 60 minutes of peace and quiet.

Other Relaxation Benefits

In addition to feeling well rested and rejuvenated after class and lowering disease risks by sleeping more, nappercise is a good way to stretch, distress, and simply relax. It might be just what your body’s been craving — especially if you’re a sleep deprived parent or leading a lifestyle jam-packed with stress.

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