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7 Things That Feel Great But Are Bad For You

Just because something feels good, that doesn't make it right or good or healthy! Look at our favorite foods as the perfect example. Fried chicken, hamburgers, pizza, brownies, cookies, and all those other treats may be absolutely delicious, but they're terrible for our health. There are a lot of other things in life that may be temporarily satisfying but which actually harm you in the long run. For example:

1. Hitting Snooze

It may seem wonderful to get an extra 10 minutes of sleep, but it actually disrupts your sleep cycle and makes you feel more tired. Plus, there's the added stress of having less time to get off to work or school.

2. Binge Watching TV

Binge-watching is the new fad. It's great to spend hours watching an entire season of your favorite show, as you can enjoy the episodes one after the other. The downside, however, is that it raises your blood pressure and blood sugar and slows your metabolism. An inactive life can encourage fat gain and make it harder to get and stay healthy.

3. Crash Dieting or Master Cleansing

There's nothing more wonderful than seeing the numbers on your scale drop. But HOW are you making them drop? If it's with a crash diet or a master cleanse/juice cleanse, you could be doing more harm than good. Strict diets can cause your body to burn muscle and cling to fat, the opposite of the desired effects. Juice cleanses can increase your blood sugar without actually doing your body any good. Say no!

4. Having a Greasy Hangover Breakfast

This remedy is not the best option if you're trying to recover the day after a bender. While the grease can help to soak up some of the alcohol, it will only add to your nausea. It will also give you way too many calories, increasing weight gain. Add to that the calories from the alcohol, and you're making it impossible for your body to burn fat and lose weight.

5. Using Q-tips

Cotton swabs and Q-tips are not safe for your use! Not only is there a risk of puncturing your ear drum, but you actually introduce more debris and bacteria than you remove. Doctors advise against cleaning your ears using a Q-tip (or the tip of a car key or pen).

6. Sleeping In

The occasional sleep-in can be good to help you recover from a lot of sleepless nights, but those on a regular sleep schedule will find that sleep-ins are actually a bad thing. You've trained your body to sleep and wake up at certain times, and sleeping in will just throw off the sleep schedule. You're better off going to bed and waking up at your normal time to keep your body on schedule — making it easier to get up on weekdays as well.

7. Overbrushing Your Teeth

Yes, there is such a thing as brushing your teeth too hard or too often. Toothpaste can wear away the enamel of your teeth, especially if you're the sort who uses hard brush strokes. Stick with brushing two or three times per day MAX, and at least one of those times use only water. Be gentle on your teeth!

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