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Are "Fat Burning Foods" For Real?

Fitday Editor

You're probably wondering is there such a food out there that will help you burn the fat off your body? Yes and no. We must realize that there is only one magic bullet to losing weight and getting back into shape. That bullet is, eat less and move more! We have all heard it before, read it and analyzed it but yet, we are a society that wants to results and we want results now.

After reading different articles on the subject of fat burning foods, the research does show that there are burning effects from certain foods BUT along with diet and exercise. These particular foods will help rev up your metabolism in the process.

Please feel free to clip this list out and post it everywhere you go:


Beans are high in protein that helps your body build and repair muscles. This is a great food to incorporate in your diet. Did you know that when you build muscle, those cells in the muscles burn more calories than fat? Yes, women, we need to build muscle so, start lifting those weights more often and resistance training.

Hot Stuff

Add peppers like Jalapeno and cayenne peppers to your food. Your metabolism will rev up to a whopping 25%, if you are exercising. It will help your body burn fat faster.


Milk, if it's in the skim variety, is a great food to incorporate into your diet. The calcium will rev up your metabolism and helps in losing weight faster, especially since milk contains carbohydrates that will allow your body to keep your insulin levels up and causing your body not to store fat.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a good fat that you can add to your cooking or on salads. Olive oil is wonderful for your arteries and heart, plus it helps with burning fat.


Just like beans, chicken is high in protein. Try eating chicken for lunch or dinner and you'll see a different on the numbers when you hit the scale.

If you need more information, check right here at FitDay and you'll be on your way to the new, fit you!

Michele Batz is a 30-year veteran in the physical education field, with a master's and PhD in holistic nutrition and a master's in Administration. She's been a Fitness writer for the past 7 years to help motivate not just in the physical sense but also the creative. The arts with movement is an element she is working on in her classes and with the help of CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Children's Health) to combine all elements of leading a healthy, active life. CATCH involves the whole school community, physical education teachers, classroom teachers, cafeteria, parents and the community. This is a wonderful way to educate our youth to fight children's obesity. Michele enjoys her life with her husband and son, living in Illinois. Visit her blog at

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