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Your Shoes Can Make or Break Your Workout


Your shoes can make or break your work is an interesting statement. But you'll find that it's very true, no matter what type of workout you're doing.

Shoes and Running

Nowhere else can the importance of proper shoes be seen than when running. Running and jogging are two of the most common types of exercise, which is why nearly every gym around the world has at least a handful of treadmills.

Runners don't need too much stability when doing a low-intensity workout--such as jogging for 45 minutes. What they do need is cushioning, as the running involves a lot of impact on their joints. The shoes need support for their arches, as well as cushioning for the heels.

A good pair of shoes can make running for longer easier, so make sure to get a pair of shoes built for running.

Shoes and Cardio Machines

Cardio machines like the stairmaster, the elliptical trainer and the stationary bicycle can be found everywhere--both in homes and gyms. These machines are built for low impact workouts, so there's less strain on your joints.

The proper shoes will help to make the workouts on these machines easier. The workouts are low impact, but they still work the joints--often more than a run. The best shoes for a cycling machine will likely have a thinner sole than a pair of shoes used for running, but the shoes need some cushioning to reduce the strain on your joints.

Shoes and Sports

It goes without saying that you need the right pair of shoes for the sport that you play. Basketball involves a lot of running and jumping, so stability, support and cushioning are a must. Baseball, football and soccer involve running and sudden changes in direction, so the shoes need cushioning as well as good traction.

Shoes and Bodybuilding

You may not think you need a good pair of shoes to lift weights, but the right shoes are a must. The shoes will help to reduce the strain on your knees, ankles and toes, and will give you good stability as you lift. The shoes can help you to maintain proper posture, which will in turn reduce your risk of injury. They'll also provide support for your ankles, ensuring you are protected as you work out your legs.

Finding the right shoes for bodybuilding can be a bit more challenging. You may not want too thick of a sole, so minimalist or barefoot shoes can be ideal for some. If you want a bit more cushioning, you may want to consider special shoes designed specifically for bodybuilding.

The Four S's of Shoes

No matter what you're going to do, consider the Four S's of Shoes:

  • Size: Too small and they crush your toes (causing pain), too large and they don't offer sufficient stability.
  • Stability: Keep those ankles supported and provide a stable platform for your foot to press off of.
  • Shape: Find a shape that matches the curvature of your foot, as it will provide adequate support.
  • Style: The style of the shoes should match the use they will receive (i.e., basketball shoes for basketball, running shoes for running, etc.)
With the wrong pair of shoes, injuries are all but guaranteed--perhaps not today, but in the near future. With the right pair of shoes, it's one less thing to distract you from paying close attention to doing that workout just right.

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