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Wingardium Vinyasa: Get Fit with Harry Potter Yoga

Tired of the same old yoga workouts? Try Harry Potter-themed exercises instead, to beat boredom and get fit.

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of yoga, and Harry Potter may be just what you need to get inspired to hit the mat. This type of sculpting workout takes basic yoga moves and transforms them into “Harry Potter” positions. You can even dress the part of Harry Potter characters, or use props (like wands) to really get inspired. Some Harry Potter Yoga instructors read excerpts from Harry Potter books during workouts to shake things up a bit. Try Harry Potter poses below to beat boredom and get fit fast.

Downward Fluffy

The downward Fluffy (a three-headed Harry Potter dog-like character) is the Harry Potter version of the downward facing dog yoga pose. To complete this toning exercise, place your hands and feet on the floor with your butt sticking up toward the ceiling. Your body should form an upside-down V shape. Hold the position for up to five minutes, while you feel your back and legs strengthen and stretch.

Whomping Willow

The whomping willow in Harry Potter yoga is simply a tree pose. To complete this exercise, stand up straight with your arms straight up above your head, and your fingertips reaching toward the ceiling. Place the flat part of your right foot against the inside of your left thigh (and your right knee facing away from your body), and hold this position for up to five minutes while taking slow deep breaths. Then, repeat the exercise by placing the flat part of your left foot (with your left knee facing away from your body) against the inside of your right thigh for up to five minutes.

Slytherin Cobra

In Harry Potter yoga, a slithering cobra is simply the Harry Potter version of a cobra yoga pose. To complete this stretching exercise, lay horizontally with your stomach on the floor. Place your palms on the ground in line with your shoulders and chest, and slowly lift your upper body toward the ceiling (using your arm and back muscles). Look up toward the ceiling and lift your head, shoulders, and back as high as you can — but keep your hips, legs, and feet flat on the floor. Hold this position for several minutes while taking deep breaths, to work on strength and flexibility.

Reverse Wizard

To complete Harry Potter-themed reverse wizard yoga poses, which are essentially reverse warrior poses, stand with your feet spaced apart widely in a lunge-type position. Your left leg should be in front of your right leg (left knee should be bent and right leg should be straight). Place your right hand (keeping your arm straight) behind your right knee or calf, and reach your left arm (keeping it straight) up high toward the ceiling. Hold this pose for several minutes, and repeat with your opposite leg and arm. To stick with the Harry Potter theme, hold a wand in the hand you reach up high toward the ceiling with.

Cat/Cow Transfigurations

Cat/cow transfigurations is a fancy name for the Harry Potter version of cat and cow yoga poses. To complete the exercise, get down on all fours with both knees and palms on the floor. Your arms should be straight and your back parallel with the floor. To complete the cat transfiguration (pose), exhale while arching your back high like a cat and holding the stretch. Then while inhaling, lower your back into a concave shape and hold. Repeat this series of poses for several minutes, slowly inhaling and exhaling during alternating cat and cow yoga positions.

There’s really no special trick to doing Harry Potter yoga; it’s simply regular yoga poses with Harry Potter themes. This type of yoga works well in group classes, as a way to bring excitement and motivation to participants (who happen to be Harry Potter fans).

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