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Will Being Electrocuted Help You Go to the Gym More Often?


We all need a bit of help to get out of bed in the morning, to get through a day of work, and to hit the gym afterwards. But after work, you may just be too exhausted to get in a good workout, and you would rather just sit on the couch. Sound familiar?

Well, you won't be lazy. Nope. Not if the Pavlok bracelet has anything to say about it!

What Is the Pavlok Bracelet?

The Pavlok bracelet is the latest fitness tracker, designed to--quite literally--shock you into changing the way you go about your day and your exercise. Created by Maneesh Sathi, CEO and founder of Behavioral Technologies, the bracelet is designed to send a small electric shock into your wrist in order to help you meet your goals.

Let me explain: The Pavlok bracelet comes with a smartphone app, into which you input all of your personal information--including your gym schedule, the time you need to sleep and your work schedule. The app tracks your activity throughout the day and alerts the bracelet. Should you fail to do what you were supposed to do--say, hit the gym--the bracelet shocks your wrist.

How Could This Possibly Be a Good Idea?

According to the founder, the electric shock helps you change your behavior rather than just reminding you about your habits. The human body is naturally averse to pain and suffering, so it will seek to avoid the pain of the electric shock by making certain you do what you need to do at the time you need to do it. Your behavior will change and the electrocuting wristband will no longer be necessary for that activity. Of course, when you have another problem to correct, you can always use the wristband to deal with that issue.

But There Are Other Scary Motivators

The shocks aren't the only way the Pavlok bracelet motivates you to get to the gym. One of the upcoming features will be a rewards and fines system. Every time you do your workout, the Pavlok system will reward you--with real money. It may be a small sum--say 30 cents--but imagine how much you can earn after a month, or a year! Of course, every time you miss the workout, the Pavlok will fine you a much larger sum--perhaps as much as $10.

To make things even better/worse, the Pavlok may be able to post messages to your Facebook account for you. The device will inform others that you didn't do your workout when you were supposed to, adding the element of public shaming into the mixture. Friends may even be given the opportunity to shock you.

The Pavlok bracelet has no release date set yet, but when it is commercially available, it could be a truly amazing tool to help you be faithful with your workouts!


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