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Why You Need a Face Mist — and How to Pick the Right One

A facial mist is considered by beauty professionals to be essential, especially after the gym or in hot, humid weather. These mists are so much more than just spraying water on your face; they can help with rehydration, lock in makeup, and give the skin a dewy appearance, and for oily skin, it can balance out oil production.

There’s nothing better than good skincare and facial mists make your skin feel fresh. New York City dermatologist Jaimie Glick, M.D. told Self, “Studies have shown that humidifying mists may increase hydration levels with microdroplets of water that penetrate the areas between skin cells.”

But according to Self, not all mists are made equal, and there are some which could be doing your skin more harm than good by drying it out. The ones that you should be avoided are those that don't include humectant (proteins in the skin that bind water) or occlusive ingredients, and the publication notes that you should look for mists that include ingredients like lactic acid, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid. Dermatologist Kenneth Howe, MD, told Refinery29 he also recommends products which contain aloe because he claims it can penetrate the skin deeply.

Even though it may feel refreshing to spray mist on your face if they do not contain the right ingredients they won’t be able to lock in the moisture. Dermatologist Jaimie Glick, M.D. notes that you should try to avoid certain ingredients, including alcohol, which can irritate and dry out the skin.

Your skin benefits from hydration during the day, but the correct way to apply a facial mist, according to The Skin Care Edit, is to hold the bottle about five or six inches away from the face and then spritz. It’s also important to blot away the excess droplets with a tissue — the publication claims that it actually informs users to do this on the directions on the bottle, but many people don’t read these instructions.

The publication claims that other ways to use the mist include underneath your moisturizer, or after you’ve applied your makeup to set it.

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