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Which Countries Have the Healthiest People? These Are the Ones That Make the Cut

Different countries have different problems, and while some are suffering from health epidemics like obesity, others tend to have healthier citizens. The Bloomberg Global Health Index evaluated 163 countries to determine which were the healthiest countries in the world, taking into consideration the life expectancy of the people living there, health risks and causes of death, among other things.

And the results for 2017 found that the number one healthiest country in the world is Italy, with children born in Italy expected to live into their eighties. The country was also celebrated for its diet — rich in vegetables and olive oil — and healthcare, as they reportedly have an abundance of doctors.

The second place spot went to Iceland, where the citizens tend to be active and spend a lot of time outdoors. Their healthy diet, consisting of fresh seafood and free-range meat is also a contributing factor to the overall health of the people within the country. Third place goes to Switzerland, which is not too surprising because the Swiss have been praised for having the best healthcare in the world.

In fourth place is Singapore, and despite the high cost of living, there is clearly a good reason to live here. While Australia comes in at number five, Spain at number six (also mostly thanks to their Mediterranean diet), Japan at number seven, and Sweden at number eight.

A similar list, titled Top 10 Healthiest Countries in the World, this one conducted by the Health Fitness Revolution in 2017, found that among the top five healthiest countries are Monaco, with a health expectancy of 89, in first place. Followed by Japan, whose people tend to eat well and consume small portions, while in third place was Singapore — celebrated for its cleanliness and excellent hygiene.

Fourth place was Spain, fifth was Greece, and sixth was Andorra (a principality between France and Spain) whose citizens eat healthy and exercise — skiing and hiking are among the activities done in this country.

While the U.S. News & World Report names Switzerland in first place, Canada in second, and the United Kingdom in third. While fourth place goes Germany, fifth to Japan and sixth to Sweden.

There are clearly some similarities in these lists, with places like Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Spain and Singapore featuring more than once. So, if you're looking for a great place to live, you may want to consider these countries!

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