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What We Can Learn From Celebrity Trainers

We look to celebrities for inspiration for many things because this group of people always appear to be impeccably groomed and dressed in the most stylish clothing, but they are also typically really good looking and very fit. Although, that’s not without help, and there are several famous celebrity trainers who work behind the scenes to help our favorite A-listers reach their fitness and health goals.

Among the top trainers is Jackie Warner, who is known for her great ab exercises. According to Shape, Warner claims her abs are thanks to a combination of pull-ups, squats, and pushups, but she also prefers to do short, intense workouts (which is great for those with a busy schedule) and avoid fat-free food.

According to Allure, Tracy Anderson, who is responsible for training A-listers like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, suggests not watching TV when you’re working on on the treadmill or elliptical because you’re less likely to work out as intensely.

Los Angeles trainer Ramona Braganza, who has worked with Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, also revealed her top tip to Glamour. She believes that women should not only do cardio workouts because while that may keep you skinny, it won’t get you toned.

Teddy Bass, who has trained the likes of Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui, revealed that you should pay very close attention to what you’re drinking during your workout. You could be drinking vitamin waters or energy drinks that are packed with sugar and calories, and you’ll end up burning the same amount that you’re drinking. And according to Allure, Bass also reveals it’s best to work out in the morning.

But sometimes it takes a little motivation before you are even ready to work out, and according to Health, Lacey Stone reveals that what gets her in the mood to conquer the day (and her workout routine) is telling herself that she can do it. Apparently, nothing beats a little pep talk!

And if you don’t have time to work out for hours a day, don’t sweat it, because according to Gunnar Peterson (via Allure), if you do a little bit of exercise all the time, it’s better than doing a lot every few days.

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