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What is the OPTAVIA Diet? Here's Everything You Need to Know

There seem to be diets for every day of the year. Here is a little more about the OPTAVIA diet.

If you've heard of Medifast, then you may know a little about OPTAVIA. They started with their original products back in 1980. Their program has changed as the needs of the people changed, and science learned more about losing weight and keeping it off. This is how they're doing things now.

The Overview

On this program, you are going to do a combination of what OPTAVIA calls "fuelings" and meals you prepare yourself. Depending on your needs, wants, lifestyle and your budget you can choose from a few different program options. Regardless of which program you choose, you will also get a coach to help you through the process and help you build long-term, sustainable healthy habits. Many diets can help you get results, but OPTAVIA also wants you to sustain your results. You will also have access to a community for support above and beyond your coach.

The Program Options

Here are your choices, according to the OPTAVIA site:

  • 5&1 Plan - On this plan, you will have five OPTAVIA fuelings each day and one meal of lean protein and veggies. They refer to this as a "lean and green" meal.
  • 4&2&1 Plan - Four fuelings, two lean and green meals and one healthy snack each day.
  • 3&3 Plan - Three fuelings and three meals each day.
The Cost
The cost varies based on which program option you choose. The kits range from approximately $350 to $400, and this cost is monthly. In addition, you will purchase food to make your lean and green meals, and possibly your healthy snacks. You do have a lot of variety in your fuelings. They have over 60 interchangeable fuelings to choose from.
Before You Buy
Speak to your doctor. Most doctors recommend eating healthy, but before taking any supplements, vitamins or meal replacements it's wise to seek advice. Make sure that any medications or medical conditions you have are not contraindicated with the OPTAVIA products. Also, talk to people that have tried the program — even those that have stopped. Honest opinions and feedback can give a real view of what the program entails.

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