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What Is Athleisure Makeup? Everything You Need to Know

First, we were introduced to athleisure clothing, a trend that perfectly combined fitness and fashion for all those women who are on-the-go, but now there's a new athleisure trend on the market, and it has nothing to do with garments.

It's called athleisure makeup, or beauty, and it came about because of the growing need for women to have a beauty routine that is compatible with their active lifestyle. As for what exactly you can expect, well, Vogue notes that athleisure beauty falls into three categories: The first is makeup that is sweat-proof (so you can walk out of the gym without your makeup running down the side of your cheeks), the second is natural makeup which has supposedly been created with sweating in mind and therefore offers the wearer products that are mineral based. And lastly, the third category focuses on products that have been inspired by wellness and sport.

The problem here is that wearing makeup to the gym is something that we have often recommended against, because what it essentially does is clog your pores (your pores open when you're sweating, and you don't want to block their ability to breathe with a thick layer of foundation), and this could lead to a breakout. Yet despite the warnings that wearing makeup to the gym is a big no-no, there is still a need for an alternative, because many women are not yet ready to go barefaced—which is how athleisure beauty was born.

Even though working out without makeup is better for your skin, there are some formulations which are undeniably better for you than others, when it comes to working out. These include Eyeko's Sport Waterproof Mascara and Tarte has a range of products from their Athleisure Makeup line, including waterproof mascara, a bronze and highlighting duo, a highlighting moisturizer, and even a dry shampoo.

And Marie Claire notes that Clinique has also released a lightweight moisturizer called HydroBlur Pep Start, to help reduce the redness from your skin.

So, should you or shouldn't you? While this is a very personal choice, some dermatologists don't think it's a great idea, including Angela Lamb, director of the Westside Mount Sinai Dermatology Faculty Practice, who told Huffington Post that she was "not a big fan."

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