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Tips For Maximizing Circuit Training For Women

Fitday Editor
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Circuit training for women is the key to maximizing fitness results. Whether the problem is a weight loss plateau, or just a desire for more variety, circuit training is the solution, especially for women. Women have specific needs when it comes to aerobic exercise and resistance training. A woman's metabolism naturally slows during any reduction in calorie intake or increase in calorie burn. Circuit training for women counteracts this by increasing metabolism.

What is Circuit Training for Women?

Circuit training for women combines aerobic exercises and resistance training, rapidly switching from one exercise to the next. This increases fat loss, builds muscle and promotes heart/lung strength. Aerobic exercises improve fat loss and strengthens the heart and lungs. Resistance training fatigues the muscles, increasing muscle tone and calories burned. Switching quickly between exercises also increases calorie burn and can keep the body burning more calories for up to 48 hours.

A "circuit" is a group of exercises with little recovery time between them. There can be 2 or more circuits per workout, each one being repeated at least once. Circuit training can be done in any location with minimal equipment, as long as the exercises are done at high intensity in quick succession. Circuit training for women is a time saver, yielding maximum results in half the time.

When the goal is fat loss, aerobic exercises should include interval training. Interval training consists of increases and decreases in intensity. This can be achieved by altering speed or difficulty. For example, treadmill interval training includes increasing and decreasing walking speed, incline or both. Intervals should last 1-3 minutes each.

Maximizing Your Results

Circuit training for women is an extremely efficient and effective approach to women's fitness and fat loss, but there are a few things to keep in mind for maximizing circuit training for women:

Resting Periods

15 seconds is enough for low intensity workouts. Increase resting period slightly when intensity is high. Reducing resting periods will increase results and difficulty.

Include Variety

Spread exercises over several muscle groups each day, so muscles don't fatigue too early. Vary exercises from day to day. This will maximize results, as well as keep the workout interesting.

Choosing Weights

15 reps or 30 seconds should be the maximum capability with weight chosen. Increase weight amounts when capable of more than 15 reps easily, but stay with same weight for 2 weeks to help muscles adapt.

Incorporate Stretching

This boosts workout and range of motion. 2 or 3 stretches per muscle group worked is recommended.

Add Aerobic Exercise

In between circuits, add aerobic exercise like jogging, stair climbing or jumping jacks. This enhances cardiovascular health and endurance.

The Right Diet

Eating well is essential in maximizing circuit training for women. Consuming several small, protein rich meals, getting healthy fats (found in fish or olive oil), and including complex carbohydrates and fiber will fuel the body for maximum results.

Follow the tips above to create a circuit training routine that will ensure fitness success!

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