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Prescription Weight Loss Pills: A General Guide

Fitday Editor
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Prescription weight loss pills are usually meant for patients who suffer from health problems related to weight gain and obesity. Prescription weight loss pills can be bought at a pharmacy or drug store. However, you have to present a prescription from your doctor while purchasing them. Although they are used quite widely, prescription weight loss pills must be taken only under supervision, as they can have ill effects.

There are two primary ways that these pills work:

  • They block the ability of the body to absorb fat
  • They suppress your appetite.

Appetite Suppressant

This happens to be the most common type of prescription weight loss pill. These pills are usually prescribed to people who tend to eat more than the required meals in a day. Appetite suppressant pills stimulate the brain to think that the stomach is full. It reduces the temptation to eat multiple times in the day. This helps in preventing weight gain. You do not have to skip any meals while taking an appetite suppressant, and it is important to have regular meals.

Fat Burner Pills

Far burner pills are usually made from a special mix of ingredients, which, when used with proper diet and exercise can help you to lose weight in a healthy way. Most fat burner pills are made from herbs which help to curb your appetite naturally. This helps the body to use up the stored fat as energy. Fat burner pills break down the stored fat for energy and also prevent the fat cells from getting enlarged.

Fat Absorption Inhibitors

These prescription weight loss pills reduce lipase enzyme in the body. This reduces the absorption of fat in the body. Fat absorption inhibitors are known to reduce around 30% of fat absorption in the intestines. This leads to lower calorie intake. Reduced calorie intake makes it quite easy to lose weight.

You can lose up to 10 to 15% of body weight by taking weight loss pills. This weight loss can make a huge difference in reducing the risk of diseases related to weight gain and obesity. However, just taking weight loss pills is not enough to lose weight. It is important to combine weight loss pills with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Prescription weight loss pills have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pills have to undergo various clinical studies before they get approved. This makes prescription weight loss pills a safer option compared to over-the-counter pills. Your doctor will also be monitoring you while you are on a prescription. If the weight loss pill is not right for you or if it is not giving the desired results, the doctor will discontinue it.

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