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Is Sudden Weight Gain Affecting Your Daily Life?

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Sudden weight gain is to be expected if you have been sitting around too much, letting the fat accumulate around your midsection. Likewise, going astray from a healthy diet will also lead to a sudden weight gain that is noticeable. Should you feel the need to start exercising again or go back to maintaining a healthy diet, you should get back to normal. Some people may think that a sudden weight gain, especially if it is small, may not be a big deal, but those people should reconsider that opinion when and if it affects aspects of their daily lives.

Unexpected Disease

You can tell if the sudden weight gain is affecting your daily life if it is so egregious in its onset that you cannot help but stop to analyze it. In some cases, it may have an actual medical cause behind it. For instance, one of the medical conditions that is known to produce weight gain that is rapid, as in taking only a couple of days or so to come on, is edema. Edema is typically defined as swelling that is caused by a buildup of fluid in the body. The buildup of fluid is only a secondary development, as edema is usually caused by more serious problems such as kidney disease or even failure of the heart. At other times, certain medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs may also lead to the buildup of fluid.

Clothes Get Too Tight

One surefire way to come to a decision on whether sudden weight gain is affecting your daily life is by way of your clothes not fitting properly. When your pants and shirt suddenly feel a couple of sizes too small, or you are popping buttons on them, then you can conclude that the sudden weight gain is affecting your daily life. In such a situation, you only have one of two options. You can either buy a new wardrobe, or you can start doing something about your sudden weight gain to reverse its effects on your daily life.

Common Sense Solutions

If your onset of sudden weight gain is from something that you are doing improperly, as in your personal habits or routine becoming less disciplined, rather than from a medical condition over which you have no control, then you can usually reverse the weight gain with a few common sense solutions. Say your weight gain is attributable to just sitting around too much because you neglected exercise for a short while. In this case, you have to motivate yourself to get up and burn some calories. Similarly, if you used to eat healthier just a short time ago, but have recently been letting yourself go, then return to counting calories and watching those carbs.

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