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Ice Skate Your Way to Weight Loss

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Learning to ice skate can be an enjoyable way to lose weight. Many exercises involve hitting the gym, which isn't right for everyone. Choosing an activity that you enjoy doing should reduce the need to force yourself to get fit.

Heart Rate

Ice skating is a very difficult sport to get the hang of. It will raise your heart rate, which makes it a very good cardio exercise. By skating regularly you can increase your heart rate, which will help your body to shed excess weight by increasing your metabolism. Cardio exercises also strengthen the heart and circulatory system.

Strengthening Muscles

Ice skating can help you to replace fat with muscles. This is even easier if you are doing figure skating, which will need you to use lots of muscles. As with any type of exercise, you should do some stretching before skating. This will warm your body up and minimize the risks of pulling or straining your muscles.

Getting the Right Equipment

If you're ice skating to lose weight, you'll need to ensure that you get all the right equipment. You need a pair of ice skates. It's worth buying some of your own if you're exercising. These will also provide your ankles with much more support than many of the rental pairs. Get your feet measured before buying the ice skating boots to ensure that they fit properly. You will also need to get some comfortable clothing which will ensure you can skate properly without being restricted.


If you are a skating novice, you should consider signing up for ice skating classes. These will teach you the techniques that are necessary to skate properly. When you first start skating you might find it difficult, but when you get the hang of it, skating will become easier and will lead to more weight loss. By enrolling in a class it will be much easier to set time aside for your regular exercise.

Keep Moving

If you are skating by yourself and not enrolling in a class, then you should make sure you keep moving. You can start your routine by slowly skating a few laps around the ice rink. Then you can practice various moves and styles to get your blood pumping. As long as you keep moving, you will keep warm and lose weight.

Regular Exercise

Ice skating, like any other form of exercise, will only work if you regularly do it. Try to set some time aside every week to go skating. If you do this it should be possible to lose weight very quickly.

There are also a few other exercises which can be hobbies. These include swimming, jogging and walking. Any of these are great ways to lose weight.

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