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How to Lose 10 Pounds With a Jump Rope

Fitday Editor

Every year, people try all kinds of new exercises in an attempt to lose weight, but did you know that the trick to your weight loss may be the jump rope in your very own garage? This article discusses how to lose 10 pounds with a jump rope. You'll feel so good after the 10 pounds are gone, you won't want to stop jumping!

Purchase a Jump Rope

The most important step in losing 10 pounds with a jump rope is to actually purchase a jump rope. This may seem silly and self-evident to the readers, but in fact, it is essential. Many people set a goal every year that they will lose weight, but never actually join a gym, buy a pair of walking shoes or participate in any physical activity. Once you make the decision to lose 10 pounds through the use of a jump rope, be sure to either locate, borrow or purchase one. Make sure the jump rope is in good condition, and that is is approximately the right length for your body.

Set a Goal for Yourself

Next, you should begin setting goals for yourself. But wait, you're probably thinking, I already have a goal--I want to lose 10 pounds. While this may be your long-term goal, it is essential that you set shorter, easier-to-attain goals in order to keep you on track to your ultimate goal of losing 10 pounds. Start by saying that you will jump rope for ten minutes every day for one week. If you reach this goal, treat yourself to a manicure, a new magazine or another small gift. Then, set a new goal. Maybe your next goal is that you want to lose one pound in a week. Again, once you reach the goal, buy yourself a gift. This will keep you motivated and engaged in the activity, and therefore, will ensure more success in your long-term goal.

Jump Rope Everyday

This one probably also seems obvious. In order to lose 10 pounds with a jump rope, you obviously will need to actually jump rope. But, in order to get the best results in the shortest time possible, it is essential that you set aside some time each day to get your jump roping in. No matter if you do it in the morning before work, during a lunch break or in the evening after dinner, try to create one block of time and stick to it each day.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Finally, one of the most important ways to lose 10 pounds with a jump rope is to keep track of your progress. Keep a small book with notes for each day that you jump, including notes on how you felt before, during and after the exercise, how long you jumped for, how difficult it was for you, and of course, your current weight.

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