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How to Fight Belly Fat With Resistance Training

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Trying to burn belly fat can, at times, seem almost impossible. No matter how much you exercise, you may not see the changes you desire. For best results when trying to lose belly fat, there are specific guidelines to follow. For example, be sure to choose exercises that focus on increasing muscle mass in the abdominal area. Allowing an adequate amount of recovery time between exercise sessions, and including protein and cardiovascular exercise in your routine are also important tips to remember.

Choose the Right Exercises

One of the most important steps when trying to burn belly fat through resistance training is to choose the exercises that target the belly. Sit ups, planks, and bicycles are all great abdominal exercises that are of varying intensity and can be used quite effectively in the burning of belly fat. For best results, alternate the exercises on a regular basis. For example, perform sit ups in one workout, do planks in the next, and use bicycles to target abdominal muscles in the following workout. Changing the types of exercises that are used guarantees that the exercises stay challenging and effective.

Allow Adequate Recovery Time

For best results, it is important to allow adequate recovery time between exercise sessions. Waiting at least one day between resistance training can ensure optimal results when trying to burn belly fat. However, if two days have passed and you still experience high amounts of soreness in the abdominal area, give it some more time. Engaging in resistance training too quickly and without enough recovery can not only result in potential injury. It is also highly likely to decrease the effectiveness of the core exercises.

Include Protein

In order to completely burn belly fat while engaging in strength training exercises, it is important to include high amounts of protein in the diet. Muscles are composed almost entirely from amino acids, which are found in high amounts in protein. Therefore, in order to maintain the increases in muscle mass that occur as a result of increased strength training, it is essential to increase protein intake. Typically, those who are participating in strength training exercises are encouraged to consume at least one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. In contrast, those who are not physical active only require .8 grams of protein per day in order to maintain good health.

Add Cardiovascular Exercise

Finally, adding cardiovascular exercise to your routine may be a great way to produce the best results when burning belly fat. Though resistance training can greatly increase muscle mass, cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, jogging, or biking, can be a better way to decrease fat stores. Studies have shown that for best results, individuals wishing to cut belly fat should aim to include at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise into their exercise routine each day. Fortunately, these 30 minutes don't need to be done all at the same time. In fact, doing three 10-minute sessions may be just as effective as one 30 minute session.

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