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Does the Bar Method Help With Weight Loss?

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The Bar Method is an exercise regimen that tones and strengthens all the muscles of the body and leads to greatly increased metabolism, muscle density and endurance. The Bar Method uses a ballet barre and a chair to help students hold poses that keep muscles contracted for minutes at a time, and uses periods of intense activity interspersed with periods of relaxing stretches to give students all the benefits of interval training. The Bar Method can help students burn fat for a leaner, more muscular appearance, and can raise your metabolism to help you keep the weight off.

The Bar Method Exercise Routine

The Bar Method exercise routine is based on the same routine used by dancers to maintain a lean, muscular physique as well as a high metabolism and high levels of stamina. The Bar Method uses a ballet barre and sometimes a chair to help students maintain standing positions that keep the muscles of the core, legs and buttocks contracted for minutes on end. The Bar Method also mixes periods of strenuous exercise with deep stretching to simulate the effects of interval training. The Bar Method can burn excess fat, increase stamina and endurance and raise your metabolism as well as creating better posture and balance, increased muscle strength and long, lean, flexible muscles.

How the Bar Method Can Help You Lose Weight

The Bar Method exercise program guides practitioners through periods of strenuous exercise interspersed with periods of relaxation and deep stretches for the legs and back. This challenges your body both anaerobically (by building muscle mass and strength) and aerobically (by working out the cardiovascular and respiratory systems) at the same time, to increase your body's ability to burn calories and significantly raise your metabolism. Interval training programs like the Bar Method can help you push your body to new levels of fitness by constantly forcing you to perform at your highest level. Practicing the Bar Method three to five times weekly can permanently raise your metabolism to help you keep the weight off. FitDay can help you keep track of your weight loss progress.

Other Benefits of the Bar Method

Because the Bar Method allows you to keep major muscle groups contracted for minutes at a time, you'll build more muscle faster with it than you would with other forms of exercise. Because the Bar Method works hard on core muscles of the abdomen, hips, buttocks and back, you'll enjoy better posture and balance, more physical stability and fewer aches and pains. The Bar Method creates elongated but toned muscles, so that you'll enjoy flexibility as well as strength.

The Bar Method also works fast. Many students experience noticeable physical improvement, within six to eight weeks of practicing the Bar Method three to five times a week. The Bar Method lowers your risk of athletic injury, and can increase your life span by preventing or improving diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

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