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5 Tips to Stop Craving Sugar and Sweets

Fitday Editor
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Being on a diet or eating healthy wouldn't be so difficult if it were possible to stop craving non-nutritious foods like candy, sugar and sweets. The culprit of most diet downfalls, sugar and sweets are hard cravings to fight off. After awhile it is possible to outsmart those cravings--or do away with them forever. Follow some of these tips to begin the process of eliminating pesky sweet cravings from your daily life.

Keep Healthy Snack Foods Around

Your cravings aren't going to go away overnight, and that's why you need to start training yourself not to have them. It's a smart idea to keep healthy snacks, like fruit or a container of almonds, within an arm's reach. The minute you feel a craving coming on, reach for the healthy snack and eat it instead. This method can be especially effective if you frequently experience sweets cravings at work. The healthy snack will satisfy your hunger and take your mind off of the sweet snack.

Wait Fifteen Minutes

Cravings are short-lived. If you act on one immediately, you're not doing yourself any favors. Most nutritionists and health experts recommend waiting fifteen minutes before giving into your craving. Chances are it will go away. If it doesn't, you may want to consider treating yourself to a moderate portion of something sweet.

Cut Down on the Sweets

Studies show that the more sweets you eat, the more sweets you crave. You can essentially minimize your desire for sugar simply by cutting down on your intake overall. You know how people eliminate sugar from their tea or coffee and then can't go back to drinking sweetened versions? Eliminating sugar cravings overall works the same way--just on a larger scale. You'll begin to build a distaste for anything too sweet, which will help you to consume sugary foods in moderation.

Use FitDay to Track Your Efforts

You're probably not even aware of how much sugar you're consuming. Signing up for a free weight loss and diet journal on will help you track what you're eating--along with your efforts and progress. It's easier to fight off those sugar cravings when you can see how well you're doing in your healthy eating habits. Nobody wants to undo weeks worth of great behavior with a sugar binge. You'll likely see your cravings for sugar decline as you modify your diet over the weeks.

Distract Yourself

Crave a candy bar all of a sudden? Pick up a magazine and start reading. Drink a glass of water. Go talk to a friend or co-worker. Get your mind off of the craving. Again, if it still lingers after 15 minutes, split something small with a friend.

You can stop yourself from craving sugar and sweets. It just takes a little bit of will power--and some focus.

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