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Three Ways to Slim Down and Lose Back Fat

Fitday Editor

Back fat may be a sign of how your lifestyle is unhealthy, in some cases. Many people have more back fat on them than they would like, but it can be hard to get rid of. One of the most important pieces of information to remember is that there is no spot solution for back fat. You won't be able to miraculously target your back fat area and only work on that when exercising. The best approach to slimming down and also losing the back fat is to perform exercises that burn fat in general.

1. Build up Core Muscle

Step one in slimming down and losing back fat relates to your core muscles. If you build up your core muscles, you eliminate stress from your back, reduce love handles and promote a flatter midsection. In addition, you must work on promoting strength in your lower back, which is another way through which back fat will reduce. Deadlifts, front squats, stability ball workouts, power cleans, weighted sit-ups and power extensions are all ideal examples of core muscle exercises. Because these are physically intensive, you also stand to burn fat all over your body.

2. Follow Weight Loss Program

An overall weight loss program is a must if you truly seek to lose back fat and slim down. You are not able to spot-reduce fat by simply targeting the unsightly back-fat area that you are suffering from. To circumvent this problem, you have to use a plan that targets fat across your entire body. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is by starting a weight loss program. This includes a healthy eating regimen. Such a diet plan may be quite strict, with a focus on water, nutrients and lots of protein, but it is a necessity if you want to reduce back fat and slim down.

Another aspect of an effective weight loss program is an emphasis on cardio workouts. A successful cardio program to help you slim down requires resistance training. The inclusion of resistance training in your program will help build muscle, which in turn burns calories. This will burn the back fat away over time.

3. Hanging Abdominal Leg Raises

Hanging abdominal leg raises are another way to slim down and achieve a loss of back fat. On a pull up bar, simply let yourself dangle by your hands. Begin to raise both of your legs by taking your knees up toward your chest. Stop this motion when your knees are on an equal level with your waist. Focus on employing your ab muscles to take your knees up to your chest; perform the motion in a controlled and slow manner. Return to your starting position and repeat as many times as is comfortable.

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