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We Need to Talk About the Jiftip

Seriously, just use a condom.

BuzzFeed is filled with all kinds of things you could probably go your whole life without knowing or experiencing. The Jiftip, or Penis Sticker, being just one of them.

In case you’re wondering why anybody would need to decorate a penis, the Jiftip is meant to be more function than fashion as a sort of semi-condom that is meant to split the difference between going protection free and gloving up. The Jiftip is an adhesive that goes on the hole at the end of the penis, ostensibly to prevent precum from exiting. However, you do still need to pull out so the extra protection against pregnancy that the Jiftip promises is likely pretty minimal.

If it sounds crazy to you, you’re not the only one. Social media is filled with skeptics wondering why the product exists and if it really does. There’s also concern about the pain of ripping off a sticker from the delicate part of the anatomy and questions about whether or it’s healthy to prevent things from coming out. So far, the Jiftip is pretty well meshed in beta mode with lots of reminders that the sticker doesn’t protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections and diseases. You still need a condom for that.

Testers for the product are in monogamous relationships and so don’t fear STI’s but still don’t want to get pregnant and don’t like the feel of condoms and do like the idea of extra protection for the pullout method.

Concerns about the fact that the Jiftip does neither of the functions that a condom does, namely preventing infections and pregnancy are the primary concern for health experts that remind BuzzFeed about the likelihood that the Jiftip doesn’t offer a strong enough seal and that rough sex can further the ability of STI’s to get through. Also, that ripping off the sticker thing might cause irritation, not just momentary discomfort.

The legal disclaimers and rampant concern surrounding Jiftip’s failure to prevent much of anything make old-fashioned condoms worth using.

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