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Try These (Healthy) Deserts That'll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There are few things more satisfying than sitting and watching Netflix with a bag of Haribo’s on your lap, but let’s be honest, as delicious as they may be, they’re not exactly great for your health. If you’re craving something sweet, but a chocolate cake or calorie-filled dessert is not an option because you’re eating clean, then there are a few other, healthier options (for a fraction of the calories) that could help satisfy your sweet tooth.

Among the healthy snacks that you could be snacking on is avocado chocolate pudding, and Buzzfeed lists this as one of it’s 24 delicious healthy snacks. Also making the list is frozen chocolate banana bites (which is exactly what it sounds like, bananas covered in chocolate and then frozen), and blueberry creamsicles. I mean, if the thought of those don’t make your mouth water than we don’t know what would ...

... Or wait, what could make you really hungry is flourless protein bites, which according to The Big Man’s World can be made from just four ingredients; protein powder, banana, almond butter and cocoa powder. As a bonus, they contain no flour, butter or grains.

Another great treat is a no-bake cereal bar, which in The Big Man’s World recipe includes the use of unsweetened gluten-free O cereal, and because of the use of this cereal, the recipe is vegan.

Then there are also apricot and oat bliss balls, which according to Healthy Mummy, can even be frozen. The best bit, is also that they are only 129 calories. Then the publication also notes another delicious and pretty healthy snack, which only contains 111 calories, is small cheesecake bites. These are made with yogurt and berries.

And what list of healthy snacks would be complete without dark chocolate dipped strawberries, or as Greatist points out, you could also sink your teeth into natural popcorn which has been made with one tablespoon of melted peanut butter and dusted with cocoa powder.

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