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Top 5 Websites For Health News & Information

Fitday Editor
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Sifting through the sea of nutrition information that is published, posted online or broadcast through the media can be a little like trying to find a hidden treasure lost in the ocean. It is much easier for dietitians to weed through the media frenzy of fad diets and hot button nutrients. The training we receive provides a strong foundation that aids in identifying healthy and effective nutrition information verses the next big fad. Here are some websites with up to date information and helpful facts on diet, exercise and health.

1. Nutrition 411

This is a great site that many dietitians use for educational handouts. All of the handouts have been submitted by other dietitians and reviewed by peers to make sure information is accurate. If you are not a dietitian or health care provider this website is useful since the information posted has been reviewed by people in the industry which means most of it is based on sound research.

2. Today's Dietician

A great free online nutrition magazine that is written by dietitians or the articles have cited research that has been used to support the points of articles. This magazine is used by many dietitians to stay current on the ever changing world of nutrition. In most additions there are great healthy recipes, which also have a short blurb on why they are healthy for you and your family.

3. Food Allergy Research & Education

With so many people being diagnosed with food allergies this is a great site to use as a reference for foods to avoid. The site contains great resources to help explain food allergies to kids along with links to support groups. There is also a guide for shopping and learning what to look for on food labels to avoid allergy foods, which can be a handy resource.

4. WebMD

This is a great site to refer to for just about anything related to health. The site has contributors from all areas of the healthcare spectrum and is reviewed by a team of physicians to make sure the information posted is correct. When it comes to nutrition, there are dietitians who review the latest in fad diets and talk about what to expect from the diet in terms of weight loss and possible side effects.

5. PubMed

This site is probably one many consumers would never think to look at since it is a database for science literature. But when your friend tells you about this amazing new superfruit that will make you feel years younger this may be exactly what the doctor orders to make an educated assessment of this wonder fruit. A search may turn up dozens of articles but it does not mean that you should read all of them to form an opinion. Almost all research articles will have an abstract that sums up its findings. Seeing what the research says about this magic fruit will help form a stronger opinion that is founded in good science.

Grete R. Hornstrom is a Clinical Dietitian who is currently specializing in pediatric care. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science from Kent State University, a Master of Arts in Wellness Management from Ball State University, and a Master of Science in Dietetics from Ball State University. She has worked with overweight children and adults, recreational and elite athletes, chronically ill children, and every day people on developing nutrition plans and healthy lifestyle changes. In addition she has worked with recreational teams, high school teams, and college teams educating them on the importance of nutrition and performance. She has completed one marathon and three half marathons in the last two years. Her newest sport of choice is cycling.

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