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Too Many Beauty Products? Here's How to Cut Down to the Absolute Essentials

There are so many beauty products on the market that choosing the right ones can be overwhelming; what is a strobe cream? Do you really need a highlighter? How about a brow setting gel, or a lip primer? If you look in your makeup bag, the chances are you have too many products, and often you've splurged on things you don’t really need (and seldom use). However, there are some beauty essentials when it comes to makeup, and these are the products you’ll use almost every day and won’t feel guilty about spending money on.

One of the must-have products is a good mascara. This is the one product that really enhances your eyes and you can decide what is best for your look depending on what you want to achieve (lengthening, volumizing, the list is almost endless), but try to choose something that is not waterproof for everyday use.

Another product that most women wear every day is eyeshadow, and the appeal of eyeshadow is you can really choose a shade to match your personality. Whether you prefer solid, neutral shades that help to achieve a natural look, or, for example, a more electric blue to stand out from the crowd, the one thing we can agree on is that eyeshadow deserves a space in your makeup bag.

Foundation has the ability to cover up any imperfections, whether that's blemishes, dark spots, or redness, and it gives your skin a flawless finish. Of course, if you prefer a formula that’s a little lighter, then you may try a BB cream because it offers buildable coverage, but is also less harsh on your spots.

When it comes to the lips, there's a lot to choose from, from tints to glosses, but the tried and tested favorite is lipstick (especially if it’s a moisturizing lipstick). Lipstick is a great way to add a pop of color to your look, for example, a good red lip shade can give you confidence, and according to Glamour, it’s also appropriate in a variety of different settings, whether you're attending a red carpet event or a meeting.

Last, but certainly not the least important, would be a great product for your eyebrows. Whether it’s an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow gel, this really depends on your preference and your brows. If you don’t need much in the brow department, then a gel can really do wonders for just adding a bit more shape to your already natural eyebrows.

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