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The Truth About Toning Gel: Does it Work?

Fitday Editor
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You have probably read, seen or heard about toning gel. But, like many other products out there that promise you fast results and a better-looking you without much effort on your part, toning gel has its skeptics. You may be wondering if toning gel works. Well, the answer is yes...and no.

There's nothing that can tone your muscles quite like a good workout. Setting up a workout routine and combining it with a healthy diet and plenty of sleep is the best way for you to look your best. But, if you want to get an extra edge, toning gel may be able to help you out.

How Toning Gel Works

Basically, toning gel is advertised as a product that can help you get firmer skin and better looking toned muscles on all parts of your body. It works as a gel that you run into the muscles of your body. They even have special toning gels that you can put under your eyes and on your face to help the skin on your face become firmer.

In addition to just making your skin firmer, toning gels also promise to make your skin glisten so that you muscles appear tight and toned. In this way, toning gels actually do work well because, like water or oil or any other liquid, you can put it on your skin and get a look that shines. This is how toning gels promise to help you look your best.

But, Do Toning Gels Really Work?

Unfortunately, there have been plenty of mixed results when it comes to toning gels. The problem is that, as stated above, putting any type of liquid on muscles makes them look better for the short term. But, there are really no toning gels that are approved by the FDA for the use of producing firmer skin and muscles. So, while some toning gels may actually work, others are not going to do you much good. In other words, toning gel may not provide the results that you're hoping for when you put it on.

Rather than tone your skin and muscles, it may only deliver a temporary look that fades away as soon as the toning gel disappears. And in that case, you might as well just use some regular lotion to keep your skin clear and soft.

Alternatives to Toning Gel

If you try a toning gel and don't see results, you might want to try a toning table. Though toning tables are incredibly expensive, many tanning salons and spas offer toning table treatments. Toning tables help tone your muscles without requiring you to actually hit the gym or exercise. Like toning gels, they have received mixed results when it comes to feedback from users. But, it is one alternative that you may enjoy.

Working out regularly is your best option for toning your muscles on your own. But, a good toning gel may be a nice accessory for anyone looking to get their tone to really pop.

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