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How to Get Toned in the Pool: 5 Arm Exercises

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Working out in the pool can be type of low impact exercises, recommended for people with joint or back problems, pregnant women or for people that simply want a change in their workout routine. Arm exercises can be performed in the water and these will be more challenging than when they are performed outside. Arm exercises may require the use of a ball and dumbbells.

1. Arm Toning with a Ball

When performing the exercises for arms, you should be able to touch the bottom of the pool with your feet, making sure that your entire body is under water (except for your head, so that you can breathe). Keep your feet apart and extend your arms in front of you. Hold the ball in front of you and try pushing it under the water. The ball will tend to float, so you will have to use force to be able to push it under water. Perform 10 pushes at a time and take two minute breaks before the next series of exercises. Make sure you keep your back straight. If you feel pain in your back or shoulders, don't perform this exercise.

2. Arm Lifts

Stand in the water (with your entire body below the water, except for the head), and keep your feet apart and arms alongside your body. Take a deep breath and lift both arms at the same time. The water will make the movement more difficult than when you are outside the water. Perform five series of 10 lifts.

3. Arm Rotations

This exercise can be performed after the arm lifts. In the same position, lift both your arms and keep them in this position. Start rotating your arms at a slow pace. Rotate the arms in one direction until you count to 20 and change the direction. To add more challenge, try rotating your arms for five minutes. If these exercises are difficult to perform under water, you can try performing them outside the water first, and after you are comfortable with this type of exercise, you can move to the water.

4. Treading Water

Even if treading water is not necessarily a workout for the arms, the movement will work on all your muscles, including the arm muscles. This exercise will focus on keeping your head above the water. Make sure you cannot touch the bottom of the pool with your feet. Try to float for at least three minutes at a time.

5. Lifting Weights

For this type of exercise, you will need some dumbbells (ideally some that are not made of metal, so they won't rust in time). Stand with your feet apart, your arms under water, and your head above the water. Lift one or both arms, making sure you keep your back straight. You may lift the arms to the level of your chest, but you can also add more challenge and lift the arms up above your head. A series of 10 lifts can be enough if you are a beginner, and you can add more as you get more advanced.

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