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These Green Smoothie Ingredients Are Packed With Health Benefits

Green smoothies (actually, smoothies and juices in general) have been enjoying their moment in the spotlight and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for individuals who are after a quick and easy way to ensure they’re getting a nutritious breakfast, with minimum effort and time. These smoothies are usually touted as being healthy and balanced, and the importance of a healthy breakfast should not be overlooked, as it can boost concentration and create a better mental and physical performance.

Among the benefits of drinking green smoothies is how nutrient-rich they are, which can improve the skin, help prevent signs of aging, and promote overall well-being. Green smoothies are also typically low in calories, which is helpful if you're looking to lose weight. Another pro is the effect they can have on the stomach, helping to aid digestion (thanks to the blending of the fruits and vegetables, they are essentially “pre-chewed”).

According to the Huffington Post, “70 million individuals are affected by some digestive disorder," but the high fiber content in green smoothies can improve digestion, as well as alleviate common digestive disorders.

Green smoothies also encourage individuals to boost their fruit and vegetable intake, which is especially beneficial for those who do not actually like the taste of leafy greens. To make a green smoothie really healthy, there needs to be a lot of greens, and MindBodyGreen notes that the smoothie should be made up of at least 60 to 80 percent of alkalizing greens. These greens could include fennel, celery, cucumber, kale, as well as the neutral tasting leafy greens, romaine and spinach.

The idea is to then mask the flavor with a low to medium GI fruit. Fruits could be any of the following: apple, papaya, pineapple, banana, mango, kiwi, pears, plums, oranges, and strawberries.

The vegetables and fruits that go into the making of these smoothies can be mixed and matched, depending on taste preference, or the vitamins and minerals that you are wanting to include. HealWithFood recommends picking one or two products, then adding a liquid of your choice (anything from cow’s milk, to coconut water or green tea), and then adding a product that will add texture to the drink. On their recommended list, they mention oats, nuts (cashews, pecans, almonds, walnuts), ground flaxseed, avocado, or simply crushed ice.

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