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This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Go Vegan

In recent years, veganism has become a food trend of sorts, with many popular restaurants emerging and a group of young beautiful people, or carefree hippie types, switching up their diet. Often, vegans get a hard time for their lifestyle choice, and there are multiple jokes about their desire to push said choice onto others, but not every vegan can be likened to the memes you laugh about online and there is a lot of merit in making the decision to eliminate animal products from your life.

Whether it’s a decision based on the welfare of animals (according to PETA, a vegan saves around 200 animals per year), an environmental reason, or a nutritional one, this decision affects your body in ways you may not have realized, and according to science, it’s for the better. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegans are less likely than meat-eaters to suffer from conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

The Telegraph notes that a vegan diet has also eased symptoms of those suffering from arthritis, and a study has revealed that this way of eating could reduce the number of deaths caused by obesity. This brings us to our next point, veganism can aid weight loss, while also ensuring you get plenty of vitamins and minerals. A study conducted on overweight adults to “determine the effect of plant-based diets on weight loss” found that those who adopt a vegan diet were more likely to lose weight than those on a moderate vegetarian or omnivorous diet.

Weight loss is not the only benefit to the body though, because apparently, you can also smell better. This according to The Telegraph, which highlighted a study focused on the sweat of those who follow a plant-based diet of mostly fruits and vegetables. The study found the “floral, fruity” scent of males with this diet was more appealing to women. It sounds bizarre, but it may be another hidden benefit.

And despite the common misconception that vegans do not have enough nutrients, specifically protein, and are not as strong as meat eaters, there is an increasing number of vegan athletes, and according to Business Insider, they include tennis player Venus Williams, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek. However, it is important to note that when first making the change, some people feel tired because of the absence of B12 and iron, The Independent notes, however, this can be solved by taking supplements or eating foods rich in B12.

Other changes you can expect are more frequent trips to the toilet because of the increased fiber in the diet, and an initial drop in calcium levels, although this can be counteracted with a dairy alternative like soy-based milk.

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