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These Are the Best Exercises to Do in the Comfort of Your Own Home

There are a lot of reasons why we can't always make it to the gym, and when this is the case it's important to have an alternative so that you can still achieve your fitness goals, but from the comfort of your own home.

Incline pushup: This exercise requires no equipment, so it's very easy to do from home. Position yourself as if you were going to do a pushup but place your hands on a raised surface—a bench, a chair, a stair etc.—your body should form a straight line, then you lower your body so that your upper arms dip below your elbows. After a slight pause, the idea is to push yourself back up to your starting position and repeat the exercise.

Swan dive: Any yoga or pilate enthusiast would have already heard of this pose. What you do is lie face down on a mat with your arms stretched overhead and your toes pointed, then gently lift your arms and legs off the ground. Very Well has a detailed step-by-step guide which can help you ensure that you are doing everything correctly and preventing injury.

But you can also do exercises while going about your daily chores like doing laundry, brewing coffee, or unpacking the dishwasher. According to Woman's Day you should make multiple trips up and down the stairs with your laundry basket in hand (which acts as a weight) and at the bottom of each trip, they recommend lifting the basket full of clothes to shoulder length—repeat five times.

The publication also has an idea for when you're unpacking the dishwasher: squats. Rather than bending over to get the dishes out, squat, then grab the plate and straighten your legs.

Also, just cleaning the home can be a great workout because getting on your hands and knees to scrub stains exercises your biceps and triceps, while washing your car will work out your arms and your abs, and if you decide to walk the dog (it's better to jog) then this is a great way to introduce cardio into your daily routine.

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