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The Best Fit Activities for Singles Lookin' to Mingle

You never know where you're going to meet someone. But if you're a fit, active person, maybe try these out.

Let's face it, if you are in the dating pool you want to find someone that shares similar interests to you. Common interests are a great icebreaker, and if you get together you know you are both up for the same things. Sometimes opposites do attract but try these fit activities if you are open to meeting others.

The Gym

If you love the gym, definitely don't cross this off the list. However, the early morning crowd tends to be all business as they are getting in the workouts before the workday. So, if you want to meet people, try the evenings and weekends. Also, don't keep your headphones on with your eyes down. If you're open to conversation, headphones off, head up and make eye contact.

Hit the Internet

There seems to be events and groups for everything! Check out if there are any classes or workouts geared towards singles. The people that are there are usually looking to connect with others. There are even dating apps geared towards fitness-minded people.

Get Outside

Now, you'll meet all kinds of people at different events — single and not single among them. Some races and events, however, are very laid back and all about having fun, getting involved and meeting new people. There are beer runs, wine half marathons, pancake breakfasts and even hot cocoa races. People here are going to maybe get a workout in and have a great time after it's all over.

If you enjoy running or cycling, see if there are any groups in your area or where people go to train. Go there and strike up conversations with those that are open to it. Those headphones and eye contact are a great clue.

Try Something New

Now, yoga classes are great and very accepting of all types of people, but there's not always a lot of chatter. But there are some classes and workouts that have a very supportive and encouraging, even sometimes rowdy, atmosphere. Rock climbing, Crossfit, Orange Theory, and other facilities like this encourage that environment. But be conscious of being distracting or disruptive. You still want to get a great workout!

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