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The Australian 8-Week Fitness Challenge That's Taking Over the World

Getting super fit and meeting all your health and fitness goals in just 8 weeks sounds too good to be true. But it also sounds very enticing, which is probably why an Australian fitness challenge that promises results in just 8 weeks is beginning to go global, according to Men’s Health.

F45 studios launched the unique craze, which combines a variety of different workout techniques and methods including (HIIT), circuit training, and functional training. The challenges last 8 weeks and are offered four times each year in 27 different 45-minute workout sessions. Results burn fat and build muscle.

Last year’s female global winner of the challenge dropped 14 pounds by following the rigorous workouts and strict diet that includes two weeks of detoxing, four weeks of high-protein, and two weeks of high-fat. The regimen designed to help get rid of water retention, nix sugar cravings, and build muscle.

In addition to strict diet requirements and fierce workouts, the men’s global winner that dropped 23 pounds on the challenge says that the support of others also helps with the program’s success.

The program is designed to not only help people meet their weight loss goals but promote an overall healthier lifestyle and a better mental outlook. For some, they use the challenge as a personal way to discover how far they can push themselves.

The F45 studios first opened in Australia but have gone global with several locations in U.S. cities including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

The studios have all the usual gym equipment like TRX equipment, medicine balls, and sandbags but a Sydney location gym owner reports that being around people that are also focused on fitness and health is the real secret to the success of the programs catching on.

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