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The 7 Worst Fitness Holiday Gifts

Fitday Editor
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Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the fitness-lover in your life? Then don't buy any of the items on this list!

1. Neck Genie Neck Line Slimmer


The product description says, "The Neck Genie does for your neckline what exercise does for your body." In reality, exercise does for your neckline what exercise does for your body. Before spending $14.14 on a neck vibrator, check out these four neck exercises.

2. Everlast for Her All-in One Body Slimmer


Made of neoprene, a type of rubber used to make drysuits and Halloween masks, the Everlast wraps around your waist, hips and thighs and claims that "by keeping your body warm, you'll shed excess water working out or doing everyday household chores." Neoprene isn't breathable, so the description is accurate. But as every dieter knows, you'll put the water weight right back on again.

3. McDavid Waist Trimmer


Like the Everlast, the McDavid is made of neoprene and claims that "you'll not only trim your love handles, but also relieve sore muscles and arthritis." If you're looking for a heating pad for your arthritis, buy one, don't get suckered into this. If you're looking to trim your love handles, well, that's really up to diet and exercise. This $17 girdle will only hide the problem, not fix it.

4. A Jar of Sweet Sweat


Not only is the name disgusting--do you really want to rub Sweet Sweat all over your body?--but its claims are medically unsubstantiated. Sweet Sweat claims to create a "'Portable Sauna-Like' Environment, accelerat[ing] warm-up and injury recovery time, making your workout feel easier." Some folks even like to combine Sweet Sweat with other sweat-inducing products, including one Amazon reviewer who wrote, "After I apply this product, I wrap my abdomen with GLAD Plastic Wrap, then put on a waist trimmer. When I finish my cardio session I go to the gym bathroom to take off the plastic wrap, STREAMS OF SWEAT (sic) fall to the floor and everyone asks me what is that technique I use." Again, losing water weight is not a lasting method for successful weight loss.

5. 2 Step Under Desk Dancercise


Finding ways to exercise while working? Great idea. Spending $99 for a pair of stairs to toss under your desk? Um... you'll get a better workout lugging the 26-pound stairs from your car to your office. On average you burn about nine calories per minute walking up stairs. The key word is walking. Instead of buying this product, take 10 minutes a day and walk the stairs at your office. Of, if you really want one, just go to a lumber yard and buy a block of wood.

6. Giddyup Core Exerciser


This is essentially a mechanical bull for your living room. Horseback riding can be great exercise and help you strengthen your core muscles. But at a list price of $640? Try the Tabletop Hold exercise instead.

7. The Shake Weight


The Shake Weight has been satirized by Saturday Night Live and South Park. It's a joke, not a serious fitness product. Feel free to give it as a gag gift.

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