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The 6 Strangest Pieces of Workout Gear

There have been a lot of strange fitness and diet fads over the years, some more bizarre than others, like prancercising (where people run around looking like a horse) or treadmill dancing. And when it comes to workout gear, there are also a few pieces that are more memorable than others, for all the wrong reasons.

A Facial Workout That’s Better Than Botox

Take the Pao fitness facial as an example. Yes, you read that correctly. Designed in Japan, the Pao claims to be able to help strengthen the facial muscles, and it works by putting a piece in your mouth, which will then become activated and move up and down. Only two 30-second sessions are needed each day to help the 43 individual muscles in the face get working, and potentially help reduce the signs of aging.

A Blade That Will Help With Resistance

Livestrong lists the Bodyblade as one of the funniest fads of all time, and the idea is when you shake the is blade, it will shake back. It’s meant to tone your muscles through the resistance, the publication notes.

A Treadmill Bike, Because Regular Bikes Are Boring

If you ever see someone around town on a treadmill bike, you may not be able to keep a straight face. The invention is strange, and when people are using it they look a little hilarious. According to Livestrong, it was designed for outside use, and walking on the treadmill section of the bike causes it to move forward. So you get transport and a workout? Pretty much like any other bike.

Shoes That Tone Your Muscles

What could be better than a pair of shoes that do all the work for you? Skechers launched a toning shoe called Shake Ups, that appealed to people everywhere who wanted to go shopping instead of going to the gym. The point of the shoes was to help the wearer strengthen their muscles and burn calories.

A Trampoline-Like Chair, So You Can Bounce All Day

The Bounce Back Chair may have appeal to those who do not want to be sitting still behind a desk all day, but it’s one of the strangest looking contraptions. The appeal of the rebound exercise chair is that it has a low impact on joints, and you can enjoy this, all to the sound of squeaking (it’s like a mini trampoline).

Shake Up Your Routine

Last, but certainly not least, we bring you one of the most well-known strange workout products, the Shake Weight. A modified dumbbell that has been designed to move back and forth when moved by the user (it’s not battery operated), and can be used on a number of different body parts, from chest to arms. The claim is that this device will help to shape and tone.

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