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The 10 Best Fitness Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Fitday Editor
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It's never a bad time of year to get new fitness gear, but this time of year is a particularly good time to show the fitness enthusiast on your list that you really care. We've rounded up the greatest stuff any fitness buff would be happy to see Santa bring.

1. Manduka The Seeker Yoga Mat Bag


The most unique and perfectly designed yoga bag around, Manduka's The Seeker Bag ($96) is like nothing your yogi has ever seen before. Roll up your mat and slide it through the center and still have two huge main compartments with a fun pop of color. Use the shoulder strap for heavy loads or the short handles to grab and go.

2. Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat


If your yogi's been extra good this year, the Manduka eKO Travel Mat ($39) folds up nicely to fit in the side pocket for a fun surprise. 

3. Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch with Tracback Feature


Buy your techie trecker a new best friend. The Garmin Fenix GPS watch ($399.99)  has a built-in GPS, plus even more navigational tools. Get accurate readings on location no matter how deep you are in the woods. Set up navigational activities, download routes from your computer or create your own by marking your favorite spots so you can come back for more. Go off-trail without fear of getting lost as you move, cause Tracklog drops virtual bread crumbs to keep you on track. All in one tiny watch. Impressive.

4. RoadNoise Vest with Built in Speakers


To increase safety and just because it's an awesome idea, Roadnoise vests ($69.95) are a must have for runners. This reflective vest eliminates the need for earbuds so you can be more aware of your surroundings, literally turning you into your own boombox (do people even use that term anymore?) With speakers built in, this vest doubles as a music player so you can enjoy your favorite motivating tunes while still being able to carry on a conversation with your running buddy or to hear when cars and people are approaching. Safety first!

5. Light and Motion Solite 100 Headlamp


Outdoor adventurers and recreational campers alike will love this illuminating gift. Hike, bike or collect firewood by the glow of the Light and Motion Solite headlamp ($85-$99). Rechargable, durable, and featuring a side safety light, this headlamp mounts to a helmet, a head strap or even to the front of your bike, making sure the future always stays bright.

6. KEEN Harvest III Messenger Bag


Crafted from repurposed and recycled items, the KEEN Harvest III Messenger Bag ($120) will put a smile on any eco-lover's face. Locally harvested pre-consumer airbags gave their lives to be upcycled into this unique bag. Water-resistant and full of storage, it's practical, fashionable and just plain wonderful.

7. Gaiam Toeless All Grip Yoga Socks


Never slip in yoga again with the Gaiam toeless yoga socks ($9.98). Your toesies are free to curl and grip and your feet stay warm in a cold, winter yoga class with these toeless socks. Grippers on the bottom of the socks keep your feet firmly planted during any pose. Every yogi will be excited to have these non-slippers slipped into their stocking.

8. ProCompression Marathon Socks


Usually socks are less than a show stopper on Christmas morning, but these bad boys will have any runner sprinting for the door in their pjs to test them out. ProCompression Marathon Socks ($50) help improve recovery times and provide improved blood flow, stability and comfort. Personally, I have issues with swelling in the hands even during short runs. Their compression sleeves keep my fingers slim. Protect feet, hands or both and save by entering the code FITDAY at checkout between now and December 31st and save 30% on Pro Compression Marathon Socks, Marathon Sleeves and Trainer Low Socks. Boom. You're welcome.

9. The Lulu Sink Shower Travel Kit


"Sink shower" is usually a term for half-assed splash down after a sweaty workout at the gym, but Lululemon has managed to turn even sink showers into a beautifying experience. The Lulu Sink Shower Travel Kit ($68) is perfect for the girl on the go, with plenty of interior space and removable makeup and shower pouches for all your get-pretty needs. The water-resistant fabric and metal feet keep it clean. Feeling generous? The matching Take Me with You Tote is a totes must have.

10. ThinkThin High Protein Bars


Instead of stuffing stockings with candy, fill them with snacks that fuel instead of just fill. ThinkThin High protein bars ($1.99) have 0g sugar and 20g protein, at around 230 calories a pop. These delicious, chocolatey bars can be enjoyed in the morning with coffee, after a tough workout, or anytime you want a guilt-free treat.

Give the gift of health this year to someone you love wrapped up in a fun fitness product that will get them excited, motivated and interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Turner is a Seattle-based ACE-certified personal trainer and professional fitness writer. She began writing after becoming frustrated with the confusing and conflicting fitness information in the media and the quick-fix, gimmick-centered focus of the fitness industry itself. Her no-nonsense, practical advice has been featured on,, Yahoo! Shine, and she has a regular fitness column in The Seattle Times. Kelly has her own blog at or follow her on Twitter @KellyTurnerFit.

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